I'm 18 now, and the story took place when I was like 7 or 8. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

When I was younger, before my parents divorced I lived with the both of them in the country. My granny lived, and still lives, across the field from the house we lived in, maybe a third of a mile walk from one house to the other. When my mom and dad went out either for work or social stuff, they sent me across the field to my granny's house, and I stayed there all day.

Oh yeah, I should probably add that ever since her husband died when I was three she had become a crazy cat lady and devoted her life to feeding the cats and making little homes for them under the porch and in the woods next to the house. Got to tell you that because it plays a substantial part in the story.

One day, during the summer I was over there doing what I always did which was eating chips and watching SpongeBob, oblivious to everything else around me lol. She had walked up to me to tell me something; I didn't hear it because I wasn't paying attention to anything but the episode. Although I know now she had informed me that she was going out in the woods to feed some of the cats and that'd she'd be back in fifteen minutes or so.

After she had left, which I also didn't notice, the commercial break came on, and I ran out of chips. I called for her to bring me more chips (I was a spoiled kid, it's embarrassing to admit) and she didn't answer. I got up to look for her. I searched the whole house and continued to call her name, and I even looked on the front and back porch and down the driveway - because sometimes she went down there to get the mail - and she was nowhere to be found.

I didn't even consider to check in the woods, stupid I know. I went back to the living room, and I started panicking. I remember thinking that she got hit by a car, and she was dead in the ditch or something, so I began to sob hysterically and I was hoping she was okay. When all of a sudden I heard a really deep voice coming from my granny's room. To this day, I believe it was my grandpa. The voice sounded clear as day, just as you and I sound, and he was reassuring me that she was okay.

I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, but I know it mostly consisted of him telling me not to worry, that she went out in the woods to feed the cats and she'll be back in a minute and that it'll be okay and for me not to cry, etc.

He sounded so kind, and I trusted him so much, and I had this familiar feeling that I knew him and loved him, and I felt like he loved me, and that's why I think it was my grandpa. I remember I wasn't the least bit scared if anything I felt safe and relieved.

After he had stopped talking, I started walking up to her door, and I went to open it. When I opened it, there was nobody/nothing there. I looked under the bed, in the closet, in the little bathroom, everywhere. There was nothing. I still wasn't scared I just went back to the living room and waited.

When she came back, I didn't tell her because she was sensitive about my grandpa and missed him a lot and me, being the 7-year-old that I was, thought if I told her it would make her sad and miss him more so I didn't say anything.

I've never told anyone this story before, and I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable but I swear on everything I know, it's true.


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