Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

December 11th, 1996; the day my baby brother was born. I was five at the time and probably the most excited person out of my family (or at least in my five-year-old opinion) to have this new addition to our family. My mother, her two brothers, and I lived in a suburb about 10 minutes south of Chicago in a four bedroom house.

Prior to my baby brother being born we each had our own room; but I was more than excited to have a brand new roommate. Minus the crying every 15 or so minutes every other hour, the first three to four months where awesome with nothing unusual happening in the house.

In fact it wasn't until the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's passing that things started to happen (at the time I didn't put two and two together) I awoken to my baby brother crying, this being a normal occurrence I didn't roll over to stop his crying as I remember my mom telling me he needed to learn to figure some things out on his own.

In my half-awake half asleep state of mind, I heard what I thought was my mom humming to him to calm him back to sleep. I thought nothing of it until I heard my door open. 

It was then that it clicked in my head. There was no way my mom was in the room because I never heard the door open. When I turned over; to this day I still can see this image picture perfect in my head; I saw a figure of a woman, with a translucent look to her ( as I described as a ghost) humming to my brother.

I was so terrified I rolled back over and hid under my covers. It wasn't until a year or so ago I heard my mother's side of the story. She heard my brother crying from her room and as usual ventured over to our room to quiet him down so as not to wake the rest of the household.

She too saw the same translucent figure I did that night. When I asked her if she thought it was her mother, who had passed in that same house some ten years prior. Yet my mother said that this female looked much younger than her mother.

Now this was weird, but could have been pinned on a young wild five-year-olds imagination, and a sleep deprived mothers mind playing tricks on her right? Well, maybe I could brush it off as such if it were just that one occurrence.

Fast forward about a year and a half, my brother now nearing two years old was mister wrecks everything. He figured out that the wallpaper could be used as a sort of rope and would often break out of his crib at night to run around and play while he should be sleeping.

One night I was allowed up to watch X-files with my mom and uncles. It was about 11 at night, and I was getting pretty tired when we heard from upstairs a thump. I remember my mom saying something along the lines of "I swear that little man never runs out of energy" and went upstairs to try to sooth my brother back to sleep.

A little background, no doors in the house have the abilities to lock with the exceptions being the front door, the master bedroom door, and the master bathroom door; this being said when my mom went to open the door to my room she simply couldn't. She was by no mean tiny; my mom probably weighed about 160ish pounds so it couldn't have been my little brother or even a barricade as the door didn't even move an inch.

From the inside my mom could hear my little brother talking to someone, so she freaked out and screamed for my uncles to come upstairs, I, of course, followed after them. She explained that she couldn't open the door, and I even saw her throw her entire weight against the door. My Uncle Tony told her to move, and he tried to push it open with his hands. When that didn't work, he backed up a few steps and slammed against the door, still didn't even budge.

Now this scared the crap out of me as my Uncle Tony played Semi-Pro football as a Lineman weighing about 350. No door without a lock could stay that sealed shut from the force of him. After about five more minutes of my Uncles and my mom trying frantically to open the door, it just crept open. And my brother? Sound asleep in his crib. I think it goes without saying that I slept in my mom's bed that night.

The only other big accounts of this "guardian angel" happen over that same period. My other Uncle that lived with us Uncle Nicky loved building model cars, and as I stated earlier, my little brother loved to break stuff. So to counter a 2-year-old that can break into anything my Uncle Nicky fashioned a padlock on the outside of his door at the top. He had the only known key to that padlock.

My Uncle had taken me out for ice-cream that day, I cannot remember the rhyme or reason why but it doesn't affect the story too much, when we got home we walked to his room and he proceeded to unlock his padlock then walk into his room; and who did we find in the middle of the room surrounded by 20+ broken model cars? Yup, you guessed it, my little brother. My Uncle; visibly stressed out plopped down in his chair while I still stand in total disbelief at the situation. While we both watch him, I **** you not, a car rolls next to him as if someone else was playing cars with him that we could not see. We both ran out of the room.

My little brother is now 22 and doesn't recall any of this happening. That is understandable as not many people can recall things that happen in the first five years of their life.

What do you guys think it was?

STORY CREDIT: Danny R. | Chicago, IL. 

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