Hi, I’m not sure quite where to start exactly, but shall make an attempt nonetheless. During 2006-2007, I lived in a town called Guildford in Surrey, renting a room in first-floor apartment, adjacent to the Tungstate Arch (directly opposite the Town hall; above Space NK, for anyone familiar with the area), whilst attending university.

The building was, I believe, at least 200 hundred years old, possibly more, and being largely student accommodation, was somewhat neglected in terms of the decor, damp, electrics and plumbing - the bathroom was certainly no exception to this.

When I initially moved in, the bathroom light was still functioning, however, within a few weeks of my moving-in, the light ceased to work, no matter how many replacement bulbs were inserted. I can't quite remember if we alerted the landlord or not, but regardless, we succumbed to the fact that a large (10", 3 wick) candle, perched on the windowsill, was an amicable workaround to our illumination issues.

One night, during the December of 2006, I returned to the flat after my shift at work and promptly started the shower. I lit the candle, waited for the flames to reach fruition, disrobed and began to lather-up.

At this point I should probably describe the bathroom layout in a little more detail; it was rectangular, perhaps 5 feet wide and 7 or 8 feet in length, opposite the door, at the farthest end of the room, was a window, permanently shut, with a covering of translucent film that prevented any off-putting exposure to those dining in the Italian restaurant a mere 2 feet (or so) away, and any embarrassment to whoever was occupying the bathroom at the time.

The windowsill was about chest height to me, around 5 feet from the floor, and consisted of a tiled ledge, which for the record, was absolutely solid. Below the ledge was a large Belfast sink, with a depth of at least 18", I would have thought.

From the end of the sink, there a clear path to the door, with the bath tub to the side. To be clear, there was no obvious draft in the room - at all.  A few minutes into my shower, I began to stare at 3 of the flames whilst gradually sponging myself down.

As I stared, they began to flicker, when all of a sudden, they were just extinguished, instantaneously leaving me in pitch black room, less the trickle of light entering through the clouded glass. I was quite shocked, to say the least.

Then, maybe a second or so later, I heard something smash, heavily, into the bathroom door. I panicked, jumped out of the shower, opened the door as fast as I possibly could and ran down the hallway into my bedroom, staying there for quite some time, it a total state of shock.

I eventually 'rationalized' what had happened, dressed myself, and headed back to the bathroom, armed with a little Maglite torch. The shower had stopped, the candle was in the middle of the floor, practically split apart, and the wall was covered in dried wax.

The inside of bathroom door though, at about the height of the ledge, had a large wax patch 'scraped' onto it and a splatter of wax above it. The wall, floor and my towel had also been splashed with wax, I assume from where the candle landed back into the middle room, emptying as it landed.

One corner of the candle was flattened-off, but was split across horizontally on the other side.  To this day, I just can't understand, how a heavy, large candle, could not only extinguish itself in a draft-less room (though I could accept this could be cause by a drop in pressure or suchlike) but fly, horizontally, into a door that was 7 feet away, clearing a Belfast sink.

It was not balanced precariously, weighed around 1-2 lbs. and was firmly in place. No one else was in the flat, I heard no doors open or close above or below me either.  Needless to say, I chose not to explain what happened to my flat mates, nor my friends, but later heard that several months prior, a mirror had smashed, on its own accord, in the same room.

 I have no evidence of my experience, other than the anecdotal account that I have outlined here, and for the most part, consider myself to be both logical and skeptical - but I can find no logic I am able to apply to the I experience I had in that bathroom that night. Absolutely none.

Cheers, T.

Anonymous submission.


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