Haunted Barn

Ok, so my family and I own a farm. At night, you can very clearly hear footsteps upstairs in the loft of the horse barn (we only have one barn, full of horses) but its only at night, and usually while you're alone.

Many people at our barn have strongly felt someone watching them, but assumed it was one of the horses or an animal. The past few days, its been very busy upstairs. Footsteps have become more clear, and more often.

My friend and I were upstairs sorting tack, we finished, went downstairs, and almost instantly as we got down stairs, we heard a very loud bang. We brushed it off and went riding. When we left, we went back upstairs, and right in the middle of where we were sitting previously, was a rock.

Surely, we would have noticed it before, as we were placing things in the exact spot. My friend then realized that was where we heard the bang. The other night, I was upstairs in the loft throwing down bales of hay.

We have these fans that just sit on the side of the wall, not connected to anything, and do not go outside. AsIwas throwing down hay, I kinda felt like someone was watching me, but I just brushed it off.

Suddenly, the fan (still not connected to anything) started spinning at a decent speed, too fast for any wind to be blowing it, even if it was a windy day, which it wasn't.

I've looked up the rock thing, as it happened to my parents in their old apartment before I was born, and I going to look into the history of the property (in ontario canada) but I just wanted peoples thoughts and opinions!

Has anything of the sort ever happened to you? what do you think is happening? Also, the horses never freak out, and our cat is up there often, so it must be anything too bad? Although, the cat does stare at something for a while, and then run away, and this has happened on several occasions. I don't believe its anything bad, but what do you guys think?


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