Hello, it's Dan from Williamsburg, VA again and I have another story to share. 

My grandma, Vera, lives in a nursing home in Maryland and before I moved to Virginia, I visited her and my granddad on a regular basis. My granddad passed away this past March, and grandma now lives alone. 

Sometimes during a visit I would walk around the complex if I was bored or needed to clear my head. For some reason, every time I would take a walk, I would end up in the game room connected to the lounge. 

The game room was a pretty small and simple room with a large wooden billiard table, a storage cabinet, and some old chairs. I'm a believer that places where the elderly reside (and sometimes pass away in) contain a high level of energy (basically spiritual). I don't know why I believe that, but I do and I always have.

I eventually began thinking that it was odd that even if I tried to walk a different route, I would end up in that exact room. The room didn't have any strange feelings or anything like that. It was just a normal game room in a nursing home (I guess it is).

It was a normal day, and I went for a walk through the building, and, as usual, ended up in the level T game room. I sat down in one of the chairs and noticed that the billiard balls weren't on the table like they usually were. It seemed odd that the 8-ball was sitting dead center of the billiard table. I brushed it off thinking that maybe someone wanted the table to look a certain way or something like that. 

All was normal for about 10 minutes when the room suddenly felt very strange. It felt like people had walked into the room without me hearing them (I was on my phone not paying attention to what was around me) and I looked up to see who had come in, but no one was there.

The feeling wasn't strong, but it was enough to draw my attention. I was about to look back down at my phone when suddenly I heard what sounded like someone tapping two billiard balls together. 

I looked up and was surprised to see the 8-ball (which had been sitting in the center of the table with no other balls around it) rolling across the table by itself.

It creeped me out a little because there was no way that ball could've rolled across that table without someone pushing it. And I know that the table isn't slanted or anything because the surface had just been replaced and leveled the day prior. 

I tried figuring out if there was anything in the room that could've made the ball move, but there was nothing around if that could've moved it. 

Now that I think about it, how convenient is it that only the 8-ball was on the table. The magic 8-ball. Something to think about.  I mean, retirement homes see death on a regular basis and billiards is popular among the elderly. Perhaps it was a message from someone who wanted to play billiards. Or maybe a goof causing a ruckus. I don't know. 

A little background on me, I am a paranormal investigator and sensitive, and I currently operate my own ghost hunting group, Knight Time Paranormal. We investigate free of charge for Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. My crew and I have a significant amount of experience as investigators and if you are experiencing paranormal activity at your home or place of work, feel free to comment on this story and tell us about it.

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