Haunted House in the Woods

I was divorced 2 years ago and at the time didn't have much money. I stumbled on an old house and due to the very low rent decided to move in with my two young daughters. The house was built in the early 1900's and sits way back in the woods on a very large piece of property.

The first few weeks after moving in some unexplained things happened. daughter was playing outside and asked me to come look at something. Sitting in the middle of my driveway was a pair of childrens glasses.

These glasses looked really old and they were broken, I asked her where she found them and she said "They were just laying here in the driveway" I didn't think they were real, but when I held them up and looked through the lense, they were in fact prescription. We have no idea where these came from, they had not been there earlier that day.

A few weeks later my kids found a deer head, it was almost completely stripped of flesh, I told them to leave it alone and go wash up (it was gross!) they ended up putting it on some steps in front of our house and calling it "Frank" the head sat on these steps for days.

One morning my youngest daughter came downstairs and noticed that Frank was gone. I figured an animal had dragged it off. Later that day my daughter came in and said "I found Frank, come see" there is an old empty house on our property as daughter walked me to this house and Frank was sitting on a table that was left on the porch.

No idea how it got there and was sitting perfectly upright on this table. After this things started happening inside the house. All of my cabinet doors in the kitchen would be open when we get up in the morning, along with my pantry door.

It is an old house and I never thought much of this. One night I was laying in bed reading and my kids had been asleep for an hour or so. My oldest daughter came running into my room and she was shaking.

She said "Mom my light just came on by itself" I went into their room and sure enough the overhead light was on. She said she was asleep and thought I was coming in to wake her up and the light came on and no one was there.

I told her that it must be something with the electrical and not to worry about it, but it did freak me out a little. Nothing happened after that for a while, then one night when my kids were at their dads house, a friend and I were watching a movie.

We heard a door upstairs creek and heard very quick footsteps..I have a cat and was 100% sure that it was her. My friend looked at me and said "Did you hear that?" I told him it's just my cat, she'll come running down in a second.

When she didn't, he flipped on the light and said "UH...your cat is asleep in the dining room" pretty creepy. a few weeks later I was home alone, and around 3am I woke up because I heard what sounded like drumming.

I opened my bedroom door and the drumming was louder, coming from heart was pounding. I was so afraid that someone was in my house. I went downstairs as quietly as possible and turned on all the lights...found nothing.

But my ipod dock had turned on by itself and was very loudly playing. I checked to see if an alarm was set, the alarm was set for midnight, but it wasn't turned on...this was 3am. After this things died down.

Since then it's just been little things...hearing the stool in my bedroom moving, feeling like someone was under my bed and thumped the bottom, this happened to my daughter as well. For the last 2 months...nothing. Also want to say that whatever is going on, I have never felt unsafe or threatened in any way. Just weirded out on occassion.

Anonymous Submission.


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