I have a problem... I'm very clairvoyant and I can sense a spirit's presence. My mom is the same way but different, like she can make things happen (my dad called her a witch for the longest time, my mom isn't into Wicca or whatever or however you spell it) let me start from the beginning,

1. When I was younger we lived in a house that was haunted and every night I could feel someone moving the covers off my bed, and I was always felt like someone was in my closet looking at me. (Still today I have nightmares about that house)

2. We moved and a few years later I was in bed with the door cracked and the light from the hallway was shining in. The wall behind the door was bright from the light which made it easy to see that there was a tall black figure stand between the door and wall. Which honestly scared the crap out of me; I closed my eyes and started to pray. I opened them and it was gone.

(I was always told that a fire sign is either a warrior or a protector and that I'm a protector, idk it you follow that stuff, I was never really taught BC my mom didn't want to mess with that kind of stuff)

A few years have gone by and I hadn't really felt/ seen any spirits, but I see the shadow out of the corner of my eye, made friends with people that knew a lot about this stuff, but lost contact. I'm still very intuitive on knowing crazy things (which all happen in my dream then happen in real life), but I haven't felt anything haunting me, not like before.  I'm now a Mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 2 and 1, and we moved 4 states away.

When my oldest was born the crazy stuff started to happen again... I would be taking photos of her and she would be looking at me and smiling in one picture and in the very next she is looking next to me smiling... Then her toys would randomly play by themselves.

Now I'm getting suspicious, I'm not for sure which happened first or if it was at the same time. But at night at the back patio there would be a shadow of a person standing in front of the door waiting, and every few days it would go away. At first my husband really thought someone was standing there and thought it was weird b/c it's all fenced in with no door to get in or out.

There was nothing that was hanging or that could have caused that shadow to be standing there. We moved.

Into the house we are currently living in, I get the strangest feeling in this house. This thing is slowly showing itself to me via the mirror and I do a double look and I say oh its "blank". Its talks to my 2 year old, One time I was putting my youngest in bed and my 2 year old was yelling at it to get out that her sissy was going night night and when I asked her who she was talking to she pointed at nothing and had a cold chill which then said I am the owner of this house and I want you to leave and that you're not welcome here.

Now my 2 year old is smiling at the ceiling when we are in bed which is scary, I hear the front door open and close, footsteps in the house when no one else is home.

I'm afraid to walk into their bed room with no light on.

Bottom line is that when it's just me I'm fine. I know I'm strong but with my girls I'm fearful and I fear that its eating off my energy b/c it knows that I'm always worried about my girls safety. (the stuff in my dreams, just to name a few, people passing, something was going wrong with my pregnancy 1st time.

Something was holding up the doctor and umbilical cord was wrapped around my daughter's neck. (FYI this all came true, my husband thought I was crazy when I was telling him my dream and that it's natural to feel like that... WRONG).

My 2nd pregnancy I dreamt that that something bad was going to happen to me... which I have cardiomyopathy of pregnancy and congestive heart failure. 2 days after I delivered my lungs were full of water. Doctor said if I didn't come in when I did I would of died that night. Now I'm having dreams of possession.

So, anyway I want to know how to kick this thing out of my family's life once and for all. Does it sound like something is following me (haunting me) or is it in the houses we live in?

Thank you so much for your time. I just want to do this right the first time..

Story Credit: Ashley K.

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