Haunting Event Near the Burnside Bridge

We were on vacation visiting Gettysburg in July many years ago when we decided to travel to Antietam to visit the battlefield there as well. It was sunny but late afternoon when we reached the Burnside Bridge. I went wandering around kind of separately.

I have always been like that to go off and explore alone but not too far away from my hubby. I was on the far side of the bridge, on the hillside walking a rocky dirt path amongst trees within site of the bridge. My hubby was still down on the bridge taking pictures and watching some teens float down the river in rafts.

It had been a long hot day and I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and had my runners on which proved good for climbing on that slippery rocky hillside. I remember looking at the flora there while picking my way carefully throughout the rocks.

Suddenly I had a hot sharp pain in my left leg just beside my shin bone. It was startling and I mumbled words while I immediately put my hand on my leg expecting a wound or blood. To my surprise looking at the spot there was no wound, cut or sting. No redness, lump nothing, yet I was in considerable pain.

Holding my leg I called for my hubby to come have a look at it to see if he could determine the source. While he started make the trek up over to me I had a thought maybe a stinging nettle or poison ivy, snake bite etc. So I began to look around where I stood for long plants or any external source of my discomfort.

I saw nothing just sandy dirt, small plants & rocks where I was. No long stems, sticks or prickly bushes. My hubby arrived and he didn't see anything wrong with my leg. I felt like I couldn't walk - I felt like a hot poker had gone into my lower leg.

We decided to leave the park and head back to our hotel. He helped me back to our car. I was relieved to be sitting down still holding my leg and we drove away. Okay here's the interesting part - the further we drove away from the park the less the pain became till it eventually dissipated to nothing.

Still no mark on my leg, just a memory of the hot sudden pain. I said to my hubby hesitantly, do you think I was shot? He gasped, what? I felt like I had been shot in the leg. It was the weirdest feeling, the weirdest event to ever happen to me. My leg was fine and the source of the pain was never revealed. But the nagging feeling I experienced something dreadfully spiritual that day still haunts me.

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