He Wanted Out!

So, this happened about when I was thirteen years old, my parents had bought a house- it was old and creaked, I had picked a room with small crawl space door in the closet thinking that i might explore it later when we settle in- I tell you now I wont open that door- ever.

It was a week after we had settled in the house I was getting ready to fall asleep- that's when I heard it, the twisting of the tiny doorknob on the crawl space door, but the door was locked so nothing could open or close it- once the thing realized the door wasn't going to open it began knocking in the door slowly.

I was thirteen and I didn't know what was going on, so I put the book I was reading down and watched the door, minutes later the knocking stopped so I went to sleep, but I was awoke at one am but violent banging on the small door so I got up and ran out of the room to my parents room.

I woke them up and told them what happened, my dad being overprotective grabbed his gun and walked into my room, the banging had stopped when they entered.

My dad explained to me if it happened again I shoud call the police, so I went back to bed I was awoken again by the extremely agressive banging on the small door again, so I got up but before I could reach my bedroom door the small door's hinges flew off the door and the fell over.

I bolted into my mom and dads room and shut the door, we moved out of the house a few days later, I pray for the people who live in that house now.

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