Hello...Who is Out There?

Everything I am about to write is 100% real. I wish I was making this up, believe me, it would make me feel better.

Warning, this is a long story, I have tried to condense it but all of the facts included are necessary to the story.

I have a best friend called Patrick and we live in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are both 33 years old.

A few months ago, Patrick told me about something strange that had happened at his house, he said that he had felt someone watching him and had seen a man in the mirror. He said that he felt that he knew this man from somewhere but couldn't place it.

From then on things started happening more and more often in his house. He would feel a presence and hear things. Doors would open on their own and he would hear creaking floorboards when he was in bed and no one else was in the house.

He then told me a story from when he was about 16 years old. He lived in America and with his friends he visited an abandoned and supposedly haunted house, there they decided to use an ouija board to see if they could make contact with someone.

He said they were unsuccessful and were disappointed. As they were leaving the house one of his friends screamed; he said he had seen a man in the window upstairs.

They all looked but couldn't see anything. They all checked the whole house again, and nothing. Then as they were leaving for the second time, my friend pointed to the window to show his friends where the ghost had been seen, they all turned and in the window saw the man.

They all ran out of the house and made a pact to never talk about it again.

My friend had researched this house and discovered that it had a dark history. About 50 years prior a family had lived there, the man went crazy and killed his family and then himself.

10 years later, the same thing happened to another family. It made us believe that maybe there was an evil presence in the house, causing them to go insane.

Patrick remembered the man he had seen in his mirror, it was the man from that house.

Naturally we were both pretty freaked out but Patrick being Patrick was mostly curious and wanted to find out more. He somehow convinced me to do a seance with him, one Saturday night.

I believe in God but I am not a highly religious person, I didn't pray or go to church. I still felt very uneasy about doing a seance but Patrick was insistent and as he's my friend I finally conceded.

We had a few beers (for courage) and went to his house. He made a ring of salt in his lounge room upstairs and lit some candles. I prayed. He had his tv set on static.

We both sat in the circle and concentrated on the flame of the candle in between us. We called out, asking if anything was with us, nothing. We asked for signs to show us that we were not alone, nothing. I was feeling weird and a bit stupid, it certainly wasn't how I was expecting to spend my Saturday night.

I said to Patrick that we must look like idiots and if our friends could see us now, they'd give us heaps. We laughed and then Patrick got angry, he shouted at the ceiling "Are you here?!" Show us a sign!!" Out of the TV came a noise, like a voice that was unable to be understood.

It was loud and freaked us the hell out. We asked for more signs but nothing else happened. After about another 5 mins we decided to close the circle, I had never done this before and I have a bad feeling that I didn't do it correctly.

Patrick swept up the salt and put it in the bin downstairs, we went back to our friend's bar to have more beers.

At the bar Patrick asks me about the voice we heard from the TV, he's confused that I wasn't as freaked out about it as he was.

I shrugged and said something about interference from the cable (you have to have cable here, it's that or nothing) that's when he told me that he didn't have cable and that there was no way there could have been any interference.

I freaked out and started laughing in the way you do when you are nervous.

We are sitting at the bar, slowly getting over it and Pat's phone beeps; it's a message from his security set up to say his alarm has been set off at his house.

We laugh and say it's probably nothing, just a dog or something, but still he leaves to go check it out.

10 minutes later I get a phone call from Pat, he sounds really scared. "What's going on?" I say and he tells me that the upstairs door in his house is closed and locked, he had lived there for over a year and had not once locked that door, he didn't even know if he had a key for it.

It had been locked from the inside and the light was on (we had turned all of the lights off) He finally found a huge set of keys and tried all of them, one worked and he walked inside the room.

There in the middle of the room, where we had done the seance lay the salt, all perfectly formed into the shape of a rectangle. I told him to get the hell out but he wouldn't listen, he stayed the night and the next day assured me that he was fine.

As you can imagine we were both freaked out by this stage, there was no doubt about it; he had a presence in his house.

He spoke to some friends of his about wanting to get a priest in to bless the house (he didn't tell them why) and they said that there happened to be an American priest who was in town visiting his daughter. They said they would give the priest Pat's number.

The next day Pat was out shopping and he got a phone call, it was the priest. "I'm at your house now. I can't help you." the phone call ended.

Pat was confused and tried to call the number back but it just rang out. He told me the story and I was scared, what does it mean if even a priest doesn't want to help? Then I had a thought that sent chills down my spine.

"Um, did the priest know where you live?" Pat freaked out but then we decided that his other friend must have told the priest where he lived. We were still shaken about what the priest had said but tried to put it out of our minds.

A few days later Pat gets a phone call. It's the priest. "Hi Patrick, I am so sorry that I haven't been able to contact you earlier, my daughter has been sick and I have been with her at the hospital.

I am going back to America now, so unfortunately will not be able to help you out." Patrick says it's fine and hangs up the phone. He is deeply shaken, who the hell had called him the first time? He tells me that it was exactly the same voice. We are both now completely freaked out.

He has a spiritualist come to his house and she says that there was definitely something there and describes perfectly the area and the house that Pat had visited all those years ago, she feels it has come from there.

Patrick does some research and discovers that this house in America had burnt down about 2 months ago, right when all of this stuff started to happen.

Then things go quiet in the house and he has a few weeks of silence and peace. Until yesterday. He was in his bathroom with the door shut and he heard a loud creaking floorboard just outside, he put his ear to the door and felt it push back on him as if someone had body slammed it.

He calls the spiritualist and asks if she will come back, she says no. He offers here a substantial amount of money and again she refuses, she says she cannot go back in that house.

Last night he asked me to come over and do an ouija board session with him, I said hell no! I feel bad for him, I really do but I don't feel it's wise to be messing with this thing.

He wants answers and keeps trying to convince me, I hope I can keep my good sense and not give in.

Story Credit: Clare, Cambodia.


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