Hey guys, this story happened during my first year of college. My girlfriend, best friend and I were getting really into ghosts and hunting them for a while there after I told them about the haunting of my parents’ house

So we bought an Ouija board and decided it would be fun. We did learn the rules and how to use this board safely without opening any unwanted portals between our two worlds which can happen. 

Our first couple times testing it nothing really happened. It was fun at parties but really that was all we used it for. 

But a year later we decided to do a session just the three of us in our apartment. We started talking to someone his name was very hard to make out. Now before this night, I couldn't really feel any force behind the movable planchette  on the board. But that night I remember feeling something there, guiding us to the letters. My friend had to use the bathroom and it was just my girlfriend and I doing it. 

The planchette started to move quicker. Spelling out specific dates and names. It said Carl and June 26, 2000 in the numbers then began to spell out car accident. 

My friend emerged from the bathroom and we told him about the ghost named Carl and the date. My friend froze and started to cry. Something I have never seen him do. He told us something both of us had no idea on. He said his father was named Carl and he died when he was 11 on June 26, 2000. He was involved in a car accident. 

The planchette began to move again. It spelled out son... My friend couldn't do it any longer and had to walk away. But still the planchette moved. It explained that he was watching over his son from the other side.

Fast forward a couple months. We took the Ouija board to my parents’ house that has haunted me since I was a child, (I shared this story on here as well). But I wanted clarification as to what was going on there. 

We set up in the basement living room, lights off. Only the Ouija Board and a camera filming us. The planchette started moving. It explained that there were 8 spirits in the house. We asked how many were here standing around us right now. It responded... 


Our camera batteries died, drained of full power... 

So there we were with all of the spirits the good and the bad watching us in the dark. I remember laughter coming from down the hall and quiet voices everywhere. 

We moved to the kitchen upstairs where one of the spirits told us about his trip to the house. He spelled out mom, Phoenix, 2007, follow. My mother took a trip to Phoenix Arizona to visit family in 2007. The planchette spelled out owner, white, whip. The house used to be a giant farm. 

Then the planchette spelled out revenge... 

After that everything went quiet. We kept asking questions and finally received an answer of just “go away”. I have never heard the house so quiet. We checked back downstairs and heard nothing. The time was right around 2:30am. This went on for an hour. 

Until finally the house came back to life. We heard footsteps upstairs, low voices from downstairs. It was as if this man every night was getting revenge on this other spirit for what he did to him back when they were alive. 

That was the last time I was ever in that house as my parents moved out.



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