How to Find Information on a Haunted Location

How to Find Information on a Haunted Location

You just bought a new house and you are experiencing weird activity. You begin to feel freaked out and are starting to think that you house is haunted. You need to find more information about what is going on, however, you are unsure where to start. Well you are in luck...we are going to give you a few tips to uncover information of the new location you reside at.

One of the first places to begin searching is the history of the property. You can start by asking neighbors if they heard anything about the house you are living in prior to your moving in. This information can be faulty as there is no way of knowing if the information is fact or opinion.

A great resource that is available is the local courthouse. They have deed records that date back to the original land owner. This is very handy since you can research more about the families that lived on property before you.

A new feature that many courthouses offer are a database of scanned records that you can easily access...however many of these services cost money. I recommend contacting you local municipality for more information of obtaining information of your property.

Another service that is available to nearly anyone is genealogy web services. These services allow you to trace a family’s history. These types of services often come with a price that varies between companies.

Depending on how serious you are this may be a lucrative resource for you. An added benefit with a service like this would allow you to look up your family history to find the roots of your personal family tree.

Lastly you could reach out to past property owners to ask them if they had experienced anything. They may have previously researched the property and uncovered information that would save you time and money. Take time and check out what properties are connected to the piece of land you own. You may find that there is a grave yard next to your property. Or your house could be plotted on top of one!

Remember, it is important to be respectable and polite as people may not feel comfortable talking to a stranger about personal information. Explain to them why you are interested in the information you are after. If you are a part of a paranormal research group it is important to be as professional as possible. Make sure you have business cards that represent your group. Name badges and a professional dress code is a plus.

I hope that you found this information helpful. If you have any questions please ask. Please share any additional sources to obtain information that is not listed in this article that would help someone find information. Together, we can take one step closer into undertanding the world of the paranormal.

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