For nearly a decade my large family and I have lived in this house. My mum has always told me that she has heard little footsteps, and voices that were unknown in particular areas of our house. I didn't really care. It wasn't until I got drunk and used an Ouija Board (three times!) in our house that things started freaking me out.

The first time I did the Ouija Board, I was outside in a room we had built. I never said goodbye, but I never got through to anyone (so I thought). I told my sister-in-law about the occasion, and she wanted to join in on the fun. So we both used the Ouija Board in the same spot I had done it. We got nothing.

We made sure we said goodbye and that was it. I decided to have a few more drinks and did the board again. This time, I waited ‘til night time and made sure I had white candles and that the door was shut. I did the board this time in my little sister’s bed room (she is eleven, at the time it was a storage room so I didn't think anything of it).

I was pretty tipsy so I forgot to say bye, but still didn't think anything of it as I had no communication throughout the board. A while later I began to walk regularly to the local cemetery. Something drew me to it, almost telling me I had to go there. On two occasions (both during the day), I heard a woman laugh (kind of evilly) behind me to my right.

It came from the part of the cemetery that had graves which are from the deaths of people in the 1800's. I got a bit spooked and left the cemetery not long afterwards. Another occasion occurred when I was observing the 1800's graves. I had a sudden urge to look at the entrance of the cemetery, and I saw a little old woman in blue.

I just had a panic attack because I realized it was my great Nanna... Holy sh*t, this is amazing. Anyway, she was walking into the cemetery and had the biggest smile on her face, like she was proud. (I was a long way from the entrance, but I could still manage to see her face). I looked down thinking I was being rude staring at a passerby, when I looked up moments later, she was gone. Nowhere to be seen.

I thought she may have been visiting someone, but she was just watching me. It adds up to me just now. When I saw her, I was writing in my notebook. Writing is common in my family, I never met her but I'm sure she loved it just like her daughters’ do. That's probably why she was proud. Also, there was a grave with our last name on it, so I took a photo of it on my phone, and after I saw my nanna, the photos disappeared and I can't find the grave since.

It's very strange. It's like she doesn't want me to know who was buried there. I also don't remember the first name on the grave or what it looked like. I'm freaking out... Anyways, going on to my house experiences. After I attempted the Ouija Boards, I suddenly saw a very tall shadow person running away from me in my dining room/lounge room. (This was awhile after I used the Ouija Board).

I didn't get freaked out and I was home alone. I felt like it was friendly and didn't need to be worried over. Another time, (a while after) a small shadow figure came running up behind me, as I spun around, it dashed off through the door and disappeared behind it. In this room that it dashed off into, my little brother has nightmares and wakes up screaming nearly every night "don't hurt me, leave me alone!"

And commonly he sleeps with the lights on or sleeps in my parent’s room. Nothing occurs when he's in there. This presence felt a tad weirder, more frightening even. I was spooked. I literally thought it was my little sister coming up behind me to scare me. Throughout both periods of time, my mum has continuously heard footsteps near her bedroom, talking from children, and been blown on by cold wind in the night.

The other night her door was knocked on loudly and she was spooked. My little sister the other night heard footsteps when she was on the toilet, so she opened the door and looked down the hallway, she apparently saw a ghost girl with black long hair covering her face. She thought it was me until she realized I was sleeping.

My sister has also felt something watching her in the exact spot she saw the little girl. She said it was very strong and gave her scary-like feelings. Things always end up missing in our house. A lot of different things too, from keys, to even pants. Right now my sister and I can't find any of our bras. A while ago, my sister and I were in her room and we suddenly both heard in a very mean girls voice coming from behind us on the right, "F**KING B**CH". She heard only bi*ch, I heard the f**king part.

We are both still scared and curious about that, but at least I know I'm not crazy. Shortly after we heard that, a box of nail Polish fell from a chair. No one was near it. Most nights I hear extremely loud footsteps (almost like running) up and down the hallway especially past her room. I just stay frozen in my bed, hoping she doesn't wake up and start screaming.

She has done that on one occasion. Tonight, a frame fell off the wall in her room and hit her shoulder extremely hard, she is now bruised and very sore. Another time I saw a shadow person (very briefly) which was outside. (I did a Ouija Board out there in a built room). My sister-in-law and sister have both heard a little boy and girl talking very faintly in the back yard but when they go to look who's there no one is.

Things randomly fall off cupboards, etc. even when people are around. Our fridge door and doll house doors always are opened, no one can see it actually happening though. A lot of times (even at other peoples’ houses) toys go off for no reason. One night I was sitting in the kitchen and I felt a strong presence behind me. I was too scared to turn around; it was like something was telling me not to, even.

Half an hour later a loud 'DING DONG' came from absolutely nowhere. I even checked the area to see if there was anything with that sound there, but there was nothing. I went to bed spooked. The other night a loud crash came from a room in the house. (The room that I felt a bad spirit and saw the shadow person that came with it).

When I went to see what it was, it was nothing and no one had even heard it besides me and my sister. Another night, the exact same crash happened again, only this time, it was a box of makeup. My parents could hear it from the other end of our gigantic house. Our kettle flicked on randomly one night, and our taps always drip and then stop on their own a while later.

My sister also witnessed a ghostly figure in the lounge (faint shadow) and also half a dog and a tail wagging. Our dog got hit by a car and broke her legs. After my sister witnessed this, both the figure and tail vanished behind the lounge. Recently we have also been seeing random lights flashing, especially in reflections or on walls.

I also hear weird things in the night and sometimes (rarely) occasional hissing. There are also tapping in the walls, on doors, and sometimes on windows. I'm still trying to figure out whether that laughter I heard at the cemetery was in fact also my great grandma. My aunt has a similar witchy type laugh that I heard, and I wouldn't recognize my nannas laugh as I never actually met her.

I know what she looks like due to seeing photos. Another time I saw a ghost in human form that was at my friend’s house that I was living at once. Her aunty had passed away and I saw her in a yellow dress, (similar to ones I saw in photos.) My Nanna was in blue when I saw her and I had only seen her in photos with that exact jumper on...

The other night my mum heard those exact loud footsteps in the hallway and heard voices of groups of people talking. She was alone. I'm starting to believe one of the spirits in this house is a jealous young girl. Due to the clashing of nail polish and make up, and the fact that she called me and my sister names.

Also that both our bras are missing. I'm confused as to why I can see and hear and even encounter different kinds of ghosts. I always feel like I'm being watched in the bathroom specifically. I also noticed that the more you talk about spirits, the more activity occurs. I believe that my mum notices her Nanna, my sister is being troubled by her dog, and I am in the troubles of a jealous spirit.

Perhaps her hurting my sister is a form of jealousy, maybe she never had a big sister or her sister was mean to her or something? I am confused and very spooked. There are so many spirits around us, and I am going back to the cemetery again tomorrow to try to find my family grave that Nanna didn't want me to see.

I wanted to try and communicate with them again but I'm scared that more will come. I wanted to try and help them move on or see why they're scaring us. I wonder if it's possible that my nanna entering the grave site is because she can't be near other dead people in their graves?

My friend’s aunt that I saw was pretty much two and a half meters away from me. Nanna was way further away from any other dead people when I saw her. Another weird thing is that I rarely feel like I'm being watched. But my other family members always feel it. I never have nightmares but I can remember vague dreams of places and faces I've never seen.

Please don't try to contact me, my email is invalid. Thank you for reading. I'm sure I will figure out what is happening. Sorry for the poor writing, it's 5:32am and I'm scared and an insomniac.



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