Just a few weeks pregnant, my boyfriend and I moved into the house next to his parents. The house was new in the 90s when he moved in with his parents at age 5. They now live next door in a larger home. What we heard in the first few weeks is still haunting us.

We hadn't made our babies room yet, with one room downstairs we used it as our bedroom. In the first month we heard the noises. Boisterous running up and down the stair on the other side of our wall. Waking us up with what sounded like the weight of a bear.

Then harsh banging on the wall into our room. This went on for hours sometimes minutes. But every night one of us woke up and were too afraid to see what it was.

A month passed before we saw or heard it. Friends stayed the night in our living room one night, that's when the first person saw a figure. Our friend Brent left the next morning looking horrified at the crack of dawn, he said he saw a man in a suit staring at him in the chair by the front door.

The figure in a suit watched him all night till day break. He never came over again. The running got worse and then one day I was home alone, 3 month pregnant now, it spoke. Television off, no one around I heard a harsh but clear "HEY" in my ear.

I dropped my dish remote and called my boyfriend to see if he was outside. He wasn't home and no one was outside. A week later, I woke up to a door slamming and saw the figure of a man in work clothes, faintly though.    

We moved to the upstairs room to try and get away from it since it seemed to make our room eerie. Then more doors began to slam shut and open slowly. Particularly the room we moved out of to make our babies room.

Her room to this day makes us uneasy. The door always slams day or night. Things often go missing and turn up hidden where no one would ever put them. We feel watched, and after a year, it won't go away. We researched what it may be but no one can answer since it never harms us just tortures us. Our whole house is frightening.


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