Kids Just Want to Play

At my old Catholic school, we were getting new desks in the fifth grade classroom, so my dad, a janitor and I were taking the old desks up to the attic.

We were stacking them about five to eight desks high. When we were done for the day, I was the last one to leave the room; as I was turning around to shut the door, I saw the top desk from one of the stacks fly across the room almost at lightning speed, without disturbing the rest of the stack.

The next day, we returned to take more upstairs, and we found the stacks rearranged into a classroom setting. 

"Terry(the janitor), did you come up and rearrange last night?" my dad had asked. 
"No." He replied. 

At the end of that day of moving, leaving the desks in classroom formation, I heard a dodge ball bouncing (this was on a Saturday), and heard two small girls giggling.

Another janitor, while cleaning one night, heard girls running through the halls. When she had finished, she was walking to her car, when she saw a boy with a dodge ball in the attic window. 

A few years before the desk transfer, we were sitting in class on a winter day. The windows and door were shut to keep the heat in. In the middle of teaching, all the lockers in the room slammed open, creating a clatter that caused all us first graders to become frightened beyond the point of focus.

Story Credit: Rachel Ferraiuolo.

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