This story is both real and fictional, I mostly picked fictional cause it's a love story. I also did post this story on another site, along with a few others, I just posted this one without the fictional detail.

After the ghost bear event, I later on found out I had a new love admirer. I used to have a boyfriend, he was my first love, but it was accidental cause we were supposed to be related in the future.

It was hard to avoid, no one can choose who they fall for, especially if they live together under the same roof for more than a year. But Ill try not to talk about him much, I intend to talk about my second love.

I loved him more than I loved my first for starters, probably because he loved me more than my first love did. In fact, my first love wasn't good to me, he was capable of being good to me, but he never chose to.

My first encounter with this ghost boy was when I was still together with my first, my relationship was going down hill, or it was about to I think. My first love involved groping anytime we kissed, pretty much anywhere, but there was only one night when that didn't happen.

I didn't hear the sound of a door opening, not even a foot step or the sound of breathing. I felt hands intertwined in mine, the only intimate thing going was his body was pressed against me, but that was it, and he definitely kissed me, and that kiss wasn't normal either.

I felt a new kind of love that I have been looking for since my first love hasn't been good to me, this ghost french-kissed me, it seemed light and gentle, honestly this was one of those moments I wanted to go on forever, but he got tired.

I realized it wasn't my first love when I opened my eyes, cause nobody was there. Over the years I had forgotten, cause my obsession with my first love became like a curse, and often he was all I could think about at the time.

I found a note saying "I love you" sometime from a paper in my old diary. Again, this was something I also thought came from my first love, but he said it wasn't him, and all he could say was "this is disturbing, only because it wasn't me who wrote this" he ripped it up and threw it away the next day.

But I didn't allow it to get thrown away, it made me remember I had another admirer, I think it might've given me a flash back of that kiss when I found that note, the thought occurred to me that it might've been from him.

My step mother told me it was probably the little girl, but I didn't believe it, it felt more like it came from somebody who wanted to be with me. So I dug it out of the trash, the sentence it self was torn in half, I didn't care for the entire paper, I just wanted the sentence itself and I put it in the book it used to be in.

When I checked on it a long while later, the "love you" piece was gone. I didn't know why, maybe he took it, its probably in his pocket right now for all I know. But I still have the front half, so I'm not crazy.

Before my first love left, this was a time when I realized this ghost boy was here for good, and possibly he would always be there. He always kept on showing me he was. My first love invited in a women whom he doesn't know, he met her on a game, she was way too dominant for his taste, and is just like his abusive father, except, she knows what shes doing.

She put on a pretty good act in order to give his family a good impression, but she didn't fool me, nor my parents. My first love enjoyed touching her, doing personal things with her in front of his own family, yeah... pretty sick and gross.

I had a distraught look on my face one day, I was at my limit, and far from happy. Until Beccah pointed out somebody moved parts of my hair strands behind my ear, I got a big smile on my face, and he gave me hope that I wouldn't stay alone after my first love left.

After this ghost experience, I always remembered him, the thought of him coming around never crossed my mind after my last encounter with him. I can't deny I still had an obsession with my first love, but I knew I wouldn't be alone after he'd leave, and I was happy about it.

The day he left was probably one of the worst days of my entire life, I cried for days, stayed sad for two weeks at the most. But after the third week, or after the first month, my ghost admirer showed himself to me.

He wore emo type clothes, skinny jeans, converse shoes I think, he was dressed in all white. And he was standing like he had his hands in his pockets. I was doing the dishes, and I think we had kittens at the time, I looked down to see one, or maybe I was searching for trash to clean up the kitchen, then I see that boy from the corner of my eye.

I looked up and nobody was there. Since the first time I seen him, I called him ghost boy for the meantime. I later on called him Light. Their were times I looked beautiful for him, and he didn't mind touching me when I realized I had another that loved me, we had only five people under the roof, then my dads old friend became a room mate, so then after people moved, one other moved in.

I don't know if a number of people helps ghosts have energy, but it was the only other times I was able to see him once in a while. I saw him face to face once, his hair seemed long, not to the neck of course.

He had bangs, I saw outlines of his hair and face that one time, I barely saw his eyes enough, but he was inches from my face, and I think this was the day I dressed up for him. I saw him as if he was angelic twice, he knocked over a cup in the room I was in to get my attention, and I saw a stream of light, a figure from the corner of my eye in the mirror.

Then I felt him hugging me, it was a bad day when my parents were fighting. The second worst day of my life was when my father was betrayed by an old friend he knew for twenty years, I knew him for years to so he also betrayed me.

He expected me to run into his arms after I grew up even though he used to change my diapers. That day he was on his way out, I saw an angelic light next to me, a hand reaching for me. Light held my hand, I wasn't looking up enough to see his whole figure from the corner of my eye, so I only saw his hand.

I looked to where he was supposed to be sitting, and I see nothing. By now, there's no fifth person, no room mates. We don't allow room mates anymore cause we wind up getting fu**** over in the end, and we apparently had less money then when we had room mates cause we can provide more for ourselves now better than we used to.

Light is still around, I tell him I love him every night, I try to when it crosses my mind.

Lately its been hard to sleep for some reason, one night I can sleep and wake up fine, and the next night I barely even go unconscious. I feel him next to me almost all the time, caressing my face, he kissed me a few times and not physically since there's not enough power for the afterlife here, I feel his hands going through me sometimes, he tries to show me hes always there.

My back, or shoulder, in places I feel comforted. Whoever comments on this, I wouldn't mind getting tips if there's anything I can do possibly having to deal with a loved one in the afterlife, it would be appreciated.

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