My family and I live in a little house that was given to us by a dear, dear friend who had passed away just days after my 3rd son was born. We didn't move into the house until my son was five months old. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the first 3 years we lived here; aside from the occasional creepy feelings.

At this point, we just had the three boys. The youngest being three years old who also seemed to be the first affected. The other 2 boys have said things but nothing too alarming.

My 3-year-old at the time came to me one day and said he hates the big blue monster in his room. I said "what big blue monster," he said "the one that comes out of his ceiling." He was going thru this "monster Inc." Phase. Everything was Monster Inc.

So I asked him if that was the monster he was seeing, he argued the fact that he loved the big blue monster on Monster Inc. And hated the one in his room.

I told him if he sees it again to come and get his dad or me immediately so we can get rid of him with the "monster spray". He agrees, and it seemed to pacify him for a while.

Not even a month later my son said he saw him again, so I grabbed the monster spray and went to kill this monster terrifying my child. We got to his room, and I told him to show me where this monster was. My son clearly looking up to the ceiling said, "I don't know mama he's gone."

He then said, "Mama, he talked to me, but his voice is very scary." I asked him what this monster said. My son trying to mimic the voice says. Get me out of here now. My son is terrified at this point.

My son wouldn't sleep in his room which he shared with his two older brothers. He wouldn't go to the bathroom during the day or night unless someone went with him and turned both bathrooms, and bedroom light on and someone had to stand there watching into his room making sure the monster wouldn't get him.

After a few episodes of this it seemed to come to a halt. Then I got pregnant with our daughter. Then I too started to experience weird things. In the shower, I would feel a presence so intense I would be terrified to open the shower curtain. I would get intense bursts of fear go thru me whenever I would go into the boys room.

It had gotten so bad that I started having the boys sleep in the front room. My oldest boy then said he would hear footsteps in the middle of the night. My middle son said he awoke one night and said he saw a black shadowy figure hovering over me while I was asleep in my bed.

One time I was in the kitchen making dinner and I just put the garlic salt back into the cupboard above the stove and closed the door; it then slowly comes open and then slams shut. I said out loud OK I know your here, but I'm cooking for my family let me be.

Then my daughter was born. Her first year of life she would go into these crying and screaming outbursts for no reason. We would be up all hours of the night with her. I figured colic but she did not have colic. If I would leave for even 5 minutes, my husband said she would scream the entire time.

A few months after she turned 3 years old she came to bed with my husband and me and out of nowhere started hallucinating. She kept screaming it's a huge snake it’s a huge snake. I grabbed her in my arms and ran into the front room, and she calmed right down. A few months later I went to bed one night not feeling well, and my husband sends our daughter into bed with me because she just wanted mommy.

So we were laying there talking and playing then my daughter suddenly says there is a man on our ceiling. She does not seem scared at first but then she hides her face in my arm. I grab her up and turn the light on to show her there is no man on the ceiling. We had to sleep with the lights on that night.

My daughter has also said things like my sisters friend is going to wreck her car, and she is going to die. She says she see these things happen. I don't know what to make of that, but she hasn't said anything like that in a while. Hopefully never again.

My sister and her friend stayed with is for a short time. Since the boys didn't sleep in their room, I let my sister and her friend stay in there. One day they were in there watching a movie, and they both come running out completely horrified. They said their fountain soda went flying across the room then my oldest son's dresser came falling on my sister. From that day on till they moved out they slept in the front room with my boys.

Then my cousins came to stay for two weeks and again since the boys didn't sleep in their room I let my cousins sleep in there. The same thing happened to them that happened to my sister. So they too slept in the front room with my boys.

A few days before Halloween last year I went out to the van to grab something. It was fairly dark outside, so the lights in the front room were on. We have a huge picture window in the front room. My husband was sitting in his chair right inside the window watching television. When I looked into the window, I saw this 6' black shadowy being in the middle of the front room. Looked male and looked like he was running from something.

His head was oblong as if the back of his head was getting sucked up into something. I ran inside to ask hubby if he seen that he said he saw nothing and that I probably just seen a shadow from the TV. I got aggravated and the middle of the front room and at least six foot tall??!! He still don't believe me.

About two months ago, I was home alone and decided to take a shower. The way my house is set up, my bathroom is directly 20 feet or so away from our front door. So when it's daytime out the light from the window on my front door can be seen under the bathroom door when it's closed. I was taking my shower and could hear footsteps then opened the shower curtain to look to see if I could see a shadow under the door but nothing just light. Well, it happened again and again.

The scariest part was that I had heard these footsteps walk up to the bathroom door then on into the boy’s room. I finally got the nerve to get out of the shower and take a look of course nobody but me was in the house. I asked my husband if he happen to come on about that time he said no. Which I knew he didn't because he would have come into the bathroom if so.

These things don't happen on a daily basis or at a certain time. They are just occurrences. I have never heard about any deaths associated with the house or the property. I do know that they have happened and will give you an extreme chill throughout. What do you think it could be?


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