Loved One or Hostile Entity?

I have to start out by telling everyone that my husband commited suicide in the house I live in. It has been 21 years ago. We have always had some kind of experience going on the whole time, but most of the things that happen are like a trick or joke being played on us.

For some reason though it is like he has opened a door or gateway for other things to come through. About 2 years ago, in January, I had just laid down to go to sleep. I had been laying there about 10 minutes when I noticed someone in the room with me.

I thought my son had snuck in there to get some cigarettes from me, So I yelled his name and told him to get out. I watched him move real slow around the bed, pass in front of the TV ( it has a little red light that stays on all the time).

When he passed in front of the TV the red light went out like something solid passing by it, again I told my son to get out...He just moved over to the other side of my bed. I sat up to ask him what was he doing?

That is when I seen it was not my son. The out door light was shining through the blinds and to me this looked look a big dark blob. Also I could feel the anger off of it. then it reached out and touched my leg!

Lord, I started screaming for my son, I mean almost in tears screaming. When my son burst through the door it was gone. I told him what happened, but I was so shaken I had to turn the lights on in my room and the hall just to go to sleep.

I sat there thinking about it for I was still shaking when I realized that maybe I had brought it on somehow. Earlier that evening I had asked my daughter if she had went to visit her fathers grave for his birthday a few days before.

I told her I had but how I had felt about it. I said a few kind of mean things I guess. But the whole time we were talking my grandson kept running into the room crying the man was coming. He was only 3 at the time.

When I had gotten up to see what he was crying about I had seen a spiderman towel hanging on the door, so I thought that was what he was talking/crying about. I just passed it off until, I went to lay down and this happened...this was only the second time I had ever been frightened. The first time was right after he had killed himself that many years earlier.

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