My siblings and I (Olivia, age 24; [Olivia's son, Kaiden (age 6) also accompanied us]; Sydney, age 20; Max, age 15) took a trip up to Mackinac Island, and we visited the one of the oldest--if not THE oldest--church on the island.

It was an old Protestant church, completely in tact. I took a seat in one of the pews on the right side of the church. My sisters and nephew are all checking out other things on the left of the church, close to the wall.

My brother sits in a pew in the middle-left of the room, closer to the podium than I was. I'm looking up over at the podium for a little bit, and I start to turn my head to look at something else, but then I see a figure.

Not a full figure, but a pair of shoes and a bit of the lower shins. The shoes looked old-fashioned, maybe black possibly? They were standing side by side for a split-second, then I see them take three steps.    One, two, three, then *POOF* gone.

The steps were maybe like a stride, like a preacher or pastor might do whilst telling a biblical-related anecdote for their lesson. But, while I saw a pair of shoes walking for two seconds and suddenly disappear, I heard absolutely no footsteps to match, so I was left to believe that it was only my imagination...until I spoke about the occurrence on the way home, and Max asks me about footsteps.

He told me that he heard the sound of three footsteps come from the right of the podium, where I saw the feet. Now here's the thing: I had yet to tell him which side of the podium it was on, and how many steps they took.

And no one was moving in that moment in time, not even little hyperactive Kaiden, who's always running all over the place. My brother interrupted me, with a genuine look of excitement on his face. And this boy cannot try to pull anything over you without cracking up halfway with his typical lopsided grin.

So I have no reason to believe he was faking it. He didn't see the feet, but heard the footsteps. And I saw the feet, but heard not a single footstep. One thing you should know about my siblings and I? We love visiting graveyards and old buildings.

We watch Ghost Adventurers, watched Ghost Hunters and The Othersiders before GA. [We haven't done any stupid amateur paranormal investigations yet, don't worry!] So it was really exciting for my brother and I to have possibly witnessed a possible haunting of some sort.

Especially when we experienced two different things from, quite possibly, the same entity that may be haunting the old Protestant church up on Mackinac Island.


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