Man in my Room

Man in my Room

I was about 14 at the time and we had just been evicted from our house due to being extremely low on money for about a year so we had to move into this old cheap motel were we stayed for about another year.

Everything was fine for the first few months and nothing strange ever happened except occasional homeless people wandering to our door and pester my parents for money or food. (We lived in a town where this was all too common).

Our hotel room was more like a studio apartment rather than a regular hotel room. We had a bathroom, the usual main room with a bed, television, etc, a small kitchen area, and another small room off the main room where we my sister, brother, and I slept.

Like I said, nothing too abnormal had happened at first until about 3 months in, my mother started having occasional dreams and she would wake up in a panic, telling her husband there was somebody there.

He would get up and check on us kids, and the rest of the place, and as he would suspect, nobody would be there. So she just wrote it off as her having nightmares due to being 6 months pregnant.

Shed have these dreams about 3 times a month for about 3 months and then things started getting weird. Things would go missing from our house or be moved and placed in odd places.

Eating utensils, bathroom necessities, school supplies, shoes, clothing, food, car keys, and almost anything we owned had been moved at least once or twice.

There was even an incident where my mom found her bottle of maternity vitamins sitting on top of a blade on the ceiling fan in the main room. This would happen on a day to day basis so my parents' first thought was that somebody had been breaking in while we were all at work and school.

They went to the motel manager and he came in and checked all of our windows and our door to see if there was anything wrong, and found nothing. So he changed the locks on our door, and the grip locks on our windows to make sure and nothing strange happened for a short period after that.

About two weeks after the locks were changed, things were starting to be moved around or going missing again. On top of that, we started hearing noises and things around the place would turn on and off by themselves.

It started with the light in the main-room one night while my parents and brother were watching tv and my sister and I were in our room doing each others makeup. My mom yelled at us to stop playing with the switch because it was located next to our door behind a mini fridge on a small table.

Confused, we ignored her and she yelled at us a few more times before getting up and coming into the room. She looked just as confused to see us sitting there on the bed obviously not having moved.

She apologized and proceeded back into the main room and as she was suggesting there was electrical problems to her husband, both the tv and lights went off. It scared my mom and brother.

My step Dad opened our door for some light as he fiddled with the switches and tv. Both came back on after he flipped the switch and pressed the buttons a few times. Nobody really thought anything of it and just thought it was poor wiring.

My parents talked to the manager the next day who said the entire building had just been rewired earlier that year. After that, we all had an unsettling feeling about the place. We'd hear tapping noises on our windows like somebody had been throwing pebbles at them, hear what sounded like objects shuffling, and door knobs rattling.

Things that sounded like whispers or wind, clunking noises in the closet and bathroom. Glasses clanking together, food bag crumpling noises, and more thumping noises in our cupboard. Doors would open and slam shut, the toilet lid would slam down, and our ceiling fan would randomly start to spin slowly.

Just a lot of odd things here and there would happen at least 3 or 4 times a day. Usually at night while we were all trying to get to sleep. It became so common, nobody mentioned it anymore and just kind of tried to ignore it.

It happened for about a month before completely stopping one day after a glass broke on its own inside the cupboard in our kitchenette. Everything stayed silent and nothing moved or went missing for about a month.

One day, my mom called in to work because she had a couple doctors appointments and I stayed home from school due to being sick. I was asleep in my room with the door shut and my mom was in the main room watching Judge Judy and talking on the phone with my grandmother about her doctors appointments.

I was feeling very ill so I wasn't sleeping soundly at all. Heard everything from the main room, tossed and turned almost constantly, and had to sit up quite often due to feeling nauseous.

I had been laying there after waking up and listening to my mom end her phone conversation, debating on whether I wanted to get up and go sit with my mom and ask about her day. Instead, I laid there listening the tv in the next room for a good 15 minutes id say, and then a feeling of being watched came over me.

I can honestly say I never felt so terrified in my life for what I thought was no reason at all at that point. I felt silly, so I rolled over and closed my eyes. Then I heard what sounded like a small child or pets feet pattering on the carpet at the foot of my bed.

It scared me so badly, the anxiety caused pains in my chest and I was afraid to open my eyes. I heard it again, about two more times right after the other. My room was dark because we had thick heavy curtains over the window and the only light that came through was what came through out the sides of the curtains.

I finally opened my eyes and sat up as quick as I could and right as I reached to turn on the light, I caught a figure in the corner of my eye that froze me. There was an older man dressed in black pants and shoes with a white kind of dress shirt and grey hair, standing in the corner of the room to my left.

I screamed as loud as I could and started balling my eyes out as I scooted up to the very top of my bed and stood up. My mom came busting in the door and surprisingly she saw him too. He just turned his head and looked at her with no emotion.

She gasped and put her hand out for me, never taking her eyes off this man. I lunged forward, grabbing her hand and she yanked me out of the room as he just stood there. She slammed the door shut and called the police as we stood outside of our motel room.

They showed up, looked around the place and found no signs of forced entry or anybody exiting out of the windows. My mom hugged me to try and comfort me while she explained the situation to her husband who had been at work all day.

I've never seen my own mother so concerned or scared about anything in my life. I knew she wanted to break down and freak out as much as I had just did. We both were shakey and decided to go to a movie to kill the last few hours until my step dad came home so we didn't have to be there by ourselves.

This was only the first time we saw the man and she made me promise not to tell my younger siblings to avoid scaring them.

Not that it mattered really. There was another incident about a month later, where we were all home and my step dad was in the kitchenette preparing a meal for us all, my mom was doing some sort of paperwork In the main room and my siblings in I were in our room playing with a new TV and playstation one we had picked up at a local yard sale earlier that day.

Everything was fine, until we heard a glass break in the kitchenette and my step dad yelling about how ridiculous its getting and that our manager needs to fix the "uneven" cupboards shelves. And as we listened to him yelling from our room, we heard a loud noise right behind us that sounded like a man with a deep voice sighing.

It was so loud and clear, and it sounded so close to us. We all looked at each other and without a word, and worried looks on our faces, we all exited the room and closed the door. None of us said anything about that until we heard it again in the main room.

My mom asked if my step dad had done it, and he just simply said no. Us kids told her we had just heard it in our room and a worried look went over her face. She went in and looked under our bed, behind curtains, in our closet, and found nothing.

She came back out and told us go outside and find something to do, so we did until we were called for dinner. Later that night, while we were all sleeping, my sister woke everybody up with a blood curdling scream.

My brother and I sat up immediately to see the man standing in the same exact spot I had seen him before. Too scared to move from our beds, we all yelled for our mom and step dad and the both came into the room.

My mom screamed at us to come to the door as my step dad stood speechless in the doorway as he stared at this man standing there staring at us kids. As soon as us kids ran right past the man and out the door pushing past our parents, the man turned his head and gave my step dad the same emotionless stare that he'd given my mom.

We all bolted out the from door and watched from the doorway as my step dad stood there debating on what to do. That's when we realized that this man wasn't completely solid. He had a somewhat transparent look to him.

My step dad, didn't know what to do, so he grabbed the heavy lamp that was sitting next to the fridge on the table just outside the doorway, and the man completely turned toward him and walked right through him.

He looked at us all in the main doorway as he turned to the left, entered the bathroom and disappeared through the shower wall. My step dad yelled a few curse words and his voice trembled, sounding like he was about to tear up with my mom frantically explaining that's the man we'd seen a month earlier.

We all slept in the main room that night with the tv on, the second room and bathroom door closed and a nightlight on. Needless to say, nobody but my brother got any good sleep. Not even a week later, me and my sister we doing our homework in our room and the man appeared again.

This time, we tried to show no fear by telling him as angry as we could sound to "go away." He just stood the staring in his usual spot. We repeated ourselves quite a few time for maybe two minutes before he turned and walked through the wall behind him.

This became a usual thing. Sounds were still heard, thing were still being moved, broken, and went missing. The only difference then, was that we were seeing him... and often. Eventually he would move spots.

Usually it was in the same corner of our room, but later he would stand in front of the tv; In the door way of the kitchenette. In the chair in the corner of the main room. Standing outside the main door to our motel room sitting in my step dads chair next to his ashtray.

At the foot of our beds. Standing over us when we were trying to sleep. Everywhere really. There was even a day when this ghost followed us kids half way down our street as we walked our way to school before completely vanishing.

There were days we'd see him for a few minutes multiple times a day and then there were days we wouldn't see him at all. It just kind of became a usual thing and all anybody would tell him is to "go away" or "please leave".

My mom even asked what he wanted once and he just stared, walked across the room and disappeared. After seeing him so regularly, my whole family kind of became depressed. Nobody talked as much, there was never the cheery vibe we once had, everybody just kind of survived with this feeling of numbness.

My parents started fighting more, us kids started failing in school and lashing out. We never cooked at home anymore, tried to stay away from home as much as we possibly could, none of us ever stayed home alone, my sister even started having suicidal thoughts that my mother later found out about through reading an old note shed written to one of her friends.

She was only 13 and that was the last straw for my mom. She sent my sister to talk to somebody for help once a week who thought my sister was schizophrenic because she'd been seeing this man.

When the therapist talked to my parents about her concern for my sister, she didn't realize we'd all been seeing him. My sister stopped going and the gloomy, dreadful feeling in our home became worse.

My mom was crying all the time , my step dad was angry all the time, my sister stopped talking completely, my brother too young to really understand the situation even had his own way of dealing with it by mimicking my step dad and being angry all the time which wasn't healthy for him at all.

Me, I became very depressed and tried my hardest to stay at my friends house as often as I possibly could. One day I got pulled out of school, to meet my whole family in the parking lot of my high school.

All of our belongings on top of the van and the back was stuffed completely. They had just picked everything up and left our home. My mom was in the front seat crying and my step dad told us something happened, and we were going to go live with my grandparents for awhile where we all became happy again, and chose not to talk about what had happened to our family.

I'm 22 now, and to this day my mom swears she just picked up our belongings and left off a whim because she didn't want to bring our new brothers into a home like that. (Pregnant with twins). But my step dad, years later told me that something had happened that day, that it isn't his place to tell, and that id have to ask my mother.

I just know that they were both completely terrified that day, and that was enough for me to stop asking asking questions. My brother doesn't remember it, my mom and sister act like it never happened, and my step dad says very few words about it when I bring it up.

Even I feel uncomfortable talking about it, which is hard because my friend and her family who had talked with me and let me stay with them through all of this still bring it up and ask questions.

None of us were ever really the same after that, but we're all happy, in good places and very close as a family. I guess that's all that matters in the end.

Story Credit: Tayler, California.

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