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Ever since I was four or five, I have had the same spirit with me. I think there are two of them. One is similar to a guardian and the other likes to cause trouble, but is also trying to tell me something I think. When I lived in my first house as a young child all the way into my teens, if I ever got up in the middle of the night and passed the kitchen, I would see our stove light was on.

When I turned it off, it was always still cold as if it had just recently been turned on. This has happened at other homes in other times of my life. Things of mine, especially with emotional significance go missing all the time. I used to ask my guide where they put it and either they would tell me or I would think of it suddenly, a place I did not put it, or the location would come to me in a dream.

I have recently been trying to pay attention to what gets misplaced and a lot of items seem to have to do with my partner. In my apartment now, the heat will turn up to 90 degrees in the middle of the night, only when I am home alone. I cannot figure out what the message could possibly be, but I am desperate to know, I am worried it is a warning about a loved one in danger.

I often have a gut feeling when a family member or close friend is hurt and I am concerned about the objects that pertain to heat and to my fiancé. What don't I know that might help me figure this out a little?


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