I have a ton of these stories. Creepy stuff has happened my whole life. My grandparents lived in a gnarly old house and I'd stay there over the summers.

Little things would always happen there - footsteps when you were the only one home/ light switches flip on and off with no one near them/ doors randomly open and close, etc- but you got used to it.

It would still catch you off guard, but it'd seem innocuous or even playful. Welp, My room was in the basement and that's where the bulk of the nonsense happened.

Every once and a while I'd be in bed reading and the lights would just turn off. If you turn them back on they just go off again in the next few minutes. Must be bedtime then I guess. Mostly playful/innocuous.

Fast forward to end of summer. In the den there was an old mirror with an almost sepia hue to it on the far wall. Getting to the base of the stairs leading into the basement puts you directly in line with it.

You almost cannot avoid looking into it when you get to the bottom of the stairs because of where it is positioned. I started getting a creepy vibe in the basement out of nowhere over a few days.

As I'm going down to go to bed one night I get to the bottom of the stairs and suddenly I'm staring at a man I've never seen before in the mirror. I just froze. I tried to look away but couldn't for what seemed like minutes (probably a few seconds, but I'm petrified with terror).

I vividly remember that there weren't any eyes. Just voids where there should be eyes. And I know it's looking at me. Felt like this thing was looking into me. Imagine the most intense "you're not alone" feeling you've ever had. This. But so much more intense. Holy crap nope. Commence dead sprint to bedroom. Try very unsuccessfully to sleep. Screw that noise.

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