Multiple Paranormal Experiences

Multiple Paranormal Experiences

When I was just a little girl, I saw things that I could't explain. My first experience was when I was around 5. My grandma was driving home and I was in the back seat. There was this gas station up the street from my grandma's house and as we drive by I looked out the window I saw what looked like Indians crowded around a fire behind the gas station.

I could see an Indian chief and other Indians sitting in a circle around the fire. They looked blue though, like blue mist kinda. I didn't know what I had just seen and I just ended up blaming my imagination. I found out many years later though that the land on which the gas station and my grandmas house stood, was once land that belonged to Native Americans.

Maybe it wasn't my imagination after all.  My ghostly experience doesn't stop there. Maybe a couple years later after I saw the Indians, I had another ghostly experience. This time at my grandmothers house. I was sitting in the living room with my aunts playing with a puzzle.

I don't know what made me look, but I glanced over at the backdoor and through the window I saw a man made of fire. He was just standing at the backdoor holding a suitcase and it looked like he was reaching for the door handle.

I was terrified and I told my aunt to look what was happening but by the time they went to investigate the man had disappeared. I knew that what I saw was real and this wasn't the only time I ended up seeing the man on fire. Not too long after this I was at church in the parking lot.

The church had this picnic area down a hill where they would sometimes have lunches and dinners for the church goers. I was playing in the parking lot with some kids from the church and I remembered I looked up on the roof of the picnic shelter and I saw the Man on fire running along the roof.

Again I was terrified. I ran back to my grandmother and the other adults but I was in shock and I didn't mention it to anyone. Now that I'm 26, I look back to those days and I still wonder what exactly did I see. This man on fire would be what I call the boogeyman, well to me he was.

I didn't experience much else as a child, but when I was in my teens I experienced something that was probably the scariest thing ever. When I was 15 I was living with my dad, step-mom, and a step-sister and half sister in a trailer park in Kennesaw, GA. Ever since we moved into the trailer weird things were happening.

There was an empty trailer next door to us that no one lived in. Every night at exactly 11:00 pm the lights in the home would flicker on and off. My dad even found this to be strange. One day my dad decided to go to the trailer (which was unlocked) and see inside of it. I went along too because I was curious. I checked the lights and they did not work.

So I wondered how on earth did they flicker every night. I just figured I would forget about it because it had no explanation.  Everything changed though when one night I experienced probably the most terrifying thing I have experienced in my life.

It happened at 4 in the morning. I was in my room sleeping with my door opened when I heard our cat meowing. We kept the cat outside because my step-mom was pregnant and she couldn't stand the smell of the litter box. So her coming into my room was really strange.

I sat up and saw Sarah(the cat) in my doorway. Just as I was about to call her name, I heard something else call her name. In the creepiest demonic voice, something was calling to my cat. It was even saying the cats name. "Saraaah" this thing said the cats name twice then my cat went to whatever was calling for her.

I froze and didn't know what to do. I thought it could have been my sister so I peaked out my room and saw that no one was there. I could see the living room from my doorway and it was completely dark. I also saw that the backdoor was all the way open.

I don't know how it got opened but I'm sure that's how my cat got inside. I didn't want to just leave the backdoor open so I quickly ran in the living room, turned on the lights and shut the door. My dad was fast asleep on the couch so I'm sure he wasn't the one who was calling the cats name.

I checked on my sisters and step-mom and they too were fast asleep. I decided to just sit in the living room until everyone woke up, because I was too scared to go back to my room and sleep. As I was sitting there, already scared, I heard footsteps walking in the kitchen.

There was a window in the living room where you could see into the kitchen and I looked and saw nothing. but I still heard the footsteps, very loudly. and the they just stopped. I was still too scared to move or anything so I sat on the love seat until my step-mom woke up at 6.

I told both her and my dad but they didn't believe me. I know what I heard and to this day when I think about that night, I still get the chills. I haven't had any other ghost/demon experience since that night in the trailer.

I'm now engaged and a mother to a beautiful little girl and I really hope to never have another ghost experience ever again.

Story credit: Tiffany, Georgia.


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