I was not aware of it until this creepy thing happened.

A normal night for me, I went to bed, spent a few minutes looking at the ceiling until I fell asleep. After a few minutes, I can see myself lying on my bed in the same position as when I fell asleep. A child approached my physical body, smelled it and looked at me.

She said: I will use your body, it will be perfect. It seems that you don't like being inside this body because you keep on leaving it. I will use it for my pleasure.

I was stunned and realized that I might not be able to go back to my body and wake up. I immediately thought that I have to go back. But at the moment in time, I couldn’t! The girl, child in front of me is laughing and I am not liking it. I can see my body and cannot move.

It seems I am having a hard time breathing as well. I am hopeless and thinking that this might be the end for me. Suddenly, my grandfather who passed away, is in front of me and the child is still near my body. My grandfather smiled at me and said:

Don't do this again, I can't save you every time that that this kind of situation happens. Go back... Just close your eyes. Once you open them, you should be okay.

I did what he said and thankfully, I am back in my physical body. I felt so tired and exhausted. From then on, I never think of doing that again. I chose to forget my capability of doing astral travel.


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