My Dad's Ouija Board Encounter

So, I don't really believe in spirits & all that but maybe a few of you do. I have no actual proof of what actually happened, but I know that it had to be somewhat true because my dad never lies to me & he knows that I don't like to be pranked so...

Anyways, my dad & I ran over this subject one day about Ouija Boards, I never knew he actually used one, cause my dad is terrified of ghosts & stuff. So, he told me that he was at a beach house with his friends about to go to the club, he said he was in early twenties before he met my mom (he's 42 now).

Anyways, he said that one of his closest friends pulled out a Ouija Board, cut off the lights, & lit some candles. Dad told me that he didn't want to play cause it was a waste of time, but he'd seen how it works but wasn't 100% sure it was real.

So, everyone asked a question & it was my dad's turn, he asked who they were speaking to, it spelled out S-A-T-A-N. Nobody believed it, so one of the guys asked if it was being for real, it said YES.

My dad laughed & leaned his chair back & talked smack about the board, he thought it was fake. According to my dad he said that he asked "Satan" if he was real to prove it. Nothing really happened, but everyone was telling my dad to stop cause he was speaking with "Satan". My dad however asked again, "if you are real, prove yourself." He told me as soon as he said that, the doors flew open, there was a breeze, & the candles died out.

I, personally didn't believe him, but my dad said that after that encounter with Satan, he knew the board was somewhat real, but he didn't actually know if it was Satan. My dad pulled the board out a few years later (I don't know if he was by himself or with someone) & he said he was willing to see if he could talk to his mom, who died when he was 12 or 13.

My dad never really liked having long conversations about her, but he'd speak about her here & there & my dad was a mama's boy, so he was torn apart when she died in a car accident. He said he asked to speak to his mom & finally the spirit or demon started doing its thing.

He asked who he was talking to & it spelled out GLORIA, which was his mom's name & he said he was happy but scared at the same time. He never really got any accurate proof that it was her but he said he'd talked to her as much as he can, till he finally just decided it was time to put the board away.

I don't think I got the whole story, but i'm OK with that. My dad always warned me that if I ever did touch an Ouija Board, that I should be very careful cause you don't know who you're communicating with, but he never said not to use it.

My mom on the other hand disapproves of me using one, which I don't have the urge to even look at one. I think the board actually changed my dad into being scared of spirits, cause he mentioned ever since he used that board, he sometimes hears voices & something is presence when he's alone, like when he's in the shower he says he hears doors shutting.

I'm not quite sure I believe any of it, but i know an Ouija board is some serious stuff. You may not believe any of this which I really don't care, I just felt like telling someone to get off my shoulders, but I never plan on touching an Ouija board EVER.

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