My brother-in-law is and was EVIL. He plotted to steal my mother’s life savings. He turned my X-sister into a brainwashed-zombie who followed his order to rob my mother’s almost $400,000 estate. Once I put together that it was MEDICAID FRAUD and that they forced my mom into deplorable end of life conditions, I could not get justice the diplomatic way. So I took matters into my own hands.

They hid my mother’s money from the state so she would get free nursing home stay. They stole my inheritance my mom wanted me to have. Roughly $100,000. I tried to sue my x-sister but the system is rigged for crooks and you just can't beat or fight it. Out of sheer frustration and the lack of integrity and loss of my mother’s life. I took matters into my own hands. My mom wound up given horrible and wrong medication that hurt her head.

She couldn't hold up her head for more than 5 minutes at a time. I was freaking out witnessing this. Eventually she went into a three-day coma where she was in and out and finally passed. She shouldn't have been in this state run facility to begin with. She was forced there to be robbed by these evil X-family members. I hated my X-brother-in-law and wanted him DEAD. He took my mother’s walker away and wanted her bed ridden. He talked my X-sister into denying my mother comfort medicine like antibiotics for swollen ankles and prescription eye drops for my mom’s eye infection.

Nothing raised a red flag in this state run facility. They let my X-sister do whatever she wanted to my mother. That was it and the last straw. I took the sharpest knife in the house, a picture of him and a dresser. I went to town on his picture probably a half hour each night. Stabbing and yelling asking GOD over and over again to make him pay for that gross end of life he made my mother have. They forced her into that death camp on April 3, 2004.

They put me through HELL, bullying me and making me watch my mom turn into an invalid. I found out through a lawyer asking for ID and realizing I don't have it that my mom’s birthday was celebrated the wrong day her whole life. She thought it was November 22nd when her birth certificate stated it was November 20th. We had a good laugh me and mom and figured it must've been her baptismal day two days later that her mom told her the wrong day.

Anyway, I needed this document to get my mom help from a lawyer. That never turned out because I didn't know it was Medicaid Fraud. I thought they would've had a handle on that and there would've been better safeguards to protect the elderly. So because of this two-day difference in my mom’s birthday. I picked four days to have harm come to my brother-in-law. I picked two days before 4/3 or two days after 4/3 because that's when they threw my mom in there to basically kill her.

So I stabbed this picture of my brother-in-law from 2005 - 2008. I got the call on 4/6 that he had died of a massive heart attack on 4/5/2008, the last date I wished huge harm should come to him. I wanted to mention my mom passed away on her real birthday, November 20, 2004.  There was no ghost activity at all until Feb 6, 2012. I was about to go to the bank to find out why $63,000 was missing from my mom’s money market acct almost ten years earlier in July, 2003.

Sitting in my room, my mom’s spirit made a thunder like sound race through my bedroom closet, she always told me growing up if you hear a loud noise in the house don't be afraid, it’s a spirit coming to say Good-Bye. So I immediately thought maybe it’s my creep X-sister (Could I be that lucky) She's evil. Anyway I go on google and type obituary, (her full name). What came up in the middle of the page stunned and amazed me. It made my jaw drop. In the middle of the page came a story about my evil X-sister and her evil x-husband and how they bought a home from this man whose body was found dead in the trunk of his car from a 70 car pileup. They made this home purchase in July, 2003. The same year and month my mother was missing $63,000 out of my mother’s bank account.

So I said to myself, what other houses was she buying with my mother’s money while they were qualifying my mother for Medicaid?? There were five properties total. This is how they committed the FRAUD in my mom’s estate. They got rid of the money fast on big ticket items like real estate. A lawyer helped them hide my mom’s money from the state. EVIL. So things had been quiet from 2012 till 2014.

Can't figure what triggered tremendous paranormal activity but the end of March, 2014 mysteriously four nights in a row a guest bedroom door locked by itself. From then on it constantly locks by itself. A friend visited and the door locked when she closed it. I had to take the knob off and when I put it back on the door locked again with her as witness.

My cousin committed suicide Oct 21, 2011. October 2014 when coming back from Halloween Horror nights, the flashers in my van were flashing wildly in my driveway. The front porch light was on. When I got inside the house, the light switch was turned all the way to stay on permanently position. These were two locked items, my house and my car, that both had activity within them.

They weren't doing that when we left in the afternoon. My boyfriend is witness and doesn't even believe in the paranormal. This October, the same thing occurred only with the porch light on. My friend who visited from New York witnessed this incident. Two Octobers in a row the porch light is on and the switch moved all the way to the on position. This ghost that now visits probably 25 times a month has a sense of humor.

If I leave the door knob locked in that room, it turns my dining room light off as if to say, if you don't let me lock the door, I'll just turn the lights off. The other night, this ghost didn't want me on the computer and pulled the phone cable out of the wall switch. It should've been broken because of the way it clips into the socket but it wasn't. Ornaments sometimes are turned around. I believe since 2014 my house has become permanently haunted with playful but annoying activity.

I'm 100% certain next October the light switch will go on again by itself. My ghost stories here are the real deal. This is not made up. Stabbing my X-brother-in-law’s picture until something bad happened to him may have opened up a door to the spirit world. I am so glad my mom’s spirit came and got me to look at my X-sister’s obituary to see the evil she was up to.

I am the only known person alive to be able to look on a web-site and see what my X-sister spent my inheritance money on for her selfish self. That information had been in public records 9 years before I saw it. My X-sister is still alive so no information should've come up. Thanks to my mother’s spirit channeling to me. It’s kind of cool to get these visits and I am not afraid.

Story Credit: Dori | Florida.

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