I was born in California, when I was about 5 years old, I had a friend Kelly we were really close, almost like sisters. For reasons that I've come to understand, we had a buddy system for going to the restroom and she was mine and I was hers.

We heard about Bloody Mary through one of her friends or mine…I can't remember, so we decided to conjure her up thinking it wouldn't happen, you know? Kids being little kids. Well, we locked the bathroom so no one could get in and ruin it, we flushed the toilet, did the faucet who knows how many times we did everything. I am not sure how we knew how many times, it was like instinct it's actually creepy come to think of it.

I told her ''Do you really want to do this? there's no going back!'' and she said ''Yes!'' and we grabbed each other’s hands and squeezed really tight for encouragement. We then recited the chant, we stood in front of the mirror a good minute or less, then we saw her. I can't really describe what she looks like but she looks very horrible.

You know how ''The Grudge'' girl looks like? She looks 300 TIMES worse than that! But when we saw her, she was locked in a trance state so I grabbed Kelly's little hand yanking her to wake up, we had to leave. So I grabbed her and pulled her, literally because she wouldn't move as if she was being talked to by her.

I did see her lips move, I told her not to hear her words, and to close her ears but I grabbed her and the darn door was locked, so I had to open it meanwhile looking behind us to see Bloody Mary the portal still open.

I was young, frightened and freaked out to want to go in that direction, we got back to class to have both of us faint. I remember my mom came and her parents did. They asked us what happened, we just said we thought we had the flu but I think it was Mary that took our energy away to make us faint so quickly.

I'm now 29 years old, I'm literally afraid to close the bathroom curtain... I'm terrified she'll come back for me, I read that she looks at you and you're hers or she'll take your kids or something like that. I now have 2 kids, they're toddlers and I'm afraid something will happen to them, sure call it super-paranoia though, if you were us, you'd know what shock and terrifying is!

Story Credit: Janet | Omaha, Nebraska.

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