My Father-In-Laws Spirit

We had a recent death in the family. He was my father in law. We were never really close, but we spoke sometimes. He got sick with cancer, and passed away within three months.

Everything in the house was normal before we knew he was sick. Nothing creepy would happen. Then, weird things started happening. Things would get moved around, things would go missing, we would hear things around the house. We all thought nothing of it.

Then one night, it was 3AM, and my laptop just randomly turned on and started playing a song. weird thing is, the laptop was closed and turned off.

A couple days later, we found out that my Father-in-law got sick. Couple months later, he died.

Since his passing, a lot more scary things have been happening. Lights turn on by themselves, TV's turn on, but the creepiest thing that happens, is the fans turn on by themselves.

The reason this is the creepiest one, is because everytime the fans turn on, the cats just stare at them.

And now, the cats are scared sh*tless of the fans. They have never been like that before, only after my father in laws passing.

We believe his spirit is still in the house, and we believe he is pissed.

Anonymous Submission.

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