My Horrific Haunting

So when this event took place I was home alone. I was 17 years old, and I was completely terrified! I was sitting in the family room of the house, keep in mind it's an open floor plan so I can see almost all of the down stairs from the family room.

But anyways I was watching one of my favorite television shows so I wasn't really paying any attention to anything at the time, when all of a sudden I heard a really loud bang in my kitchen and then the kitchen light started flickering so naturally as any teen would I thought someone had broken in to the house.

I grabbed the house phone and called my parents, they told me to go up stairs and lock myself in my room. I'm guessing they really weren't all that alarmed because we had a home security system that did not go off, the only way for it to go off would be if someone came through the door or window.

After I had been sitting in my room for about ten minutes I started thinking about how the alarm didn't go off. I finally go the courage to go downstairs and check things out, all the kitchen cabinets were open, and there was one pan on the floor.

Then I think I hear my dead grandmother's voice. And that's when I knew it was her, she had been dead for almost a year now, her and I were really close. That's my paranormal event.

Story Credit: Alexandria, United States.


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