When I was four years old, I awoke from a nightmare and went to lay with my parents in their bed. The dream was a scary one about giant spiders. As I lay there, my eyes were scanning the room for spiders, when I saw a black figure on the master bathroom wall. He walked into my parents’ room about eight feet then turned around and walked back into the bathroom.

I didn’t sleep the rest of the night, nor did I say anything to my parents. I just watched that doorway all night. My dad got up to take a leak and walked back into the room and went back to sleep as if nothing was the matter. Being so young I don’t think I really knew what I saw. That was only my first encounter with anything paranormal that I remember. 

Maybe a year later we were still living in the same house. I fell asleep fairly early after eating my mother's amazing chicken and dumplings. Delicious. I had the second most vivid nightmare I have ever had. It began at William’s Dam in Indiana. I was accompanied by my mother and father on the catwalk that overlooked the dam. We had always gone fishing at this spot. I still do today. Everything is going great. Fish are biting, birds are chirping, a cat is devouring a dead fish.

Then it starts to rain and we begin to leave. As we walk up the stairs to get off of the catwalk I look into the river and see my mother stuck between a concrete pillar and a stone wall just barely above the water. The water then gets rigorous and begins to rise rapidly. I am screaming! Screaming for my mother like never before. The water lowers and all I see is her corpse hanging there, stuck. I awoke quickly. I had tears in my eyes. I continued to cry for hours. I called for my mother and told her I loved her. And went back to sleep.

At first I had no reason to believe this was a paranormal incident. But then about another three months passed and I had the exact same dream. Only I saw more. This time I saw how my mother ended up twenty feet below the catwalk. She jumped. But before she jumped she looked back at me. But it wasn’t her.

She had bulging black eyes that looked into your soul. As I awoke from this dream I heard faint laughter mocking my crying. This was only the beginning. 

Time went by without anything too memorable happening. Just the sounds of shuffling and the remote being picked up and dropped on the wooden coffee table every night.

About the time I was ten, my uncle had made my mom and dad a desktop computer. It was placed in the kitchen corner on a small desk. All we really ever used this computer for was to play America's Army. Probably the best war game at the time. And all we had was a dialup connection. Despite the lack of speed and bulkiness this ancient computer had a lot of energy. Not the good kind either.

After a month of having this computer, my parents who have always been honest and loving to each other began to lie to each other and fight constantly. Every one of my friends that came into my house at night would never walk down the hallway even with the lights on. I was never comfortable in the house again. I would be sitting watching television and get the feeling that something is staring me down. It was the feeling of making eye contact with someone who doesn’t appreciate your presence. I would sit there for as long as I could until I had to get out of the house.

If my shoes were not by the door I didn’t wear them. I would walk around town barefoot. During all this psychological warfare I was having with this energy no one else really noticed anything was going on. No one else seemed affected by this energy. Then one day my dad and brother were in the kitchen and my brother was showing my father the music video for Jailbreak by AC/DC.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching CSI. The couch I was sitting on had its back to the kitchen. So when I felt a fist punch me in the eye I automatically accused my brother who was always fighting with me. However, when I turned around I saw with my one good eye that my dad and brother were still in the kitchen. That was the hardest I have ever been punched.

As this energy became more powerful worse things began to happen and it became apparent it was that everyone was being affected, I was just the first target. My dad almost got ran off a ledge at work by his own truck while putting his boots on. The bank tellers always thought my dad had a kid in the passenger seat and offer him a sucker when he was alone. On another incident my mother was strangled. My dad had seen a figure standing in his bedroom doorway and thinking the figure was an intruder tried to tackle it and obviously failed as it disappeared.

Myself, I would wake up at twelve past three every morning. I would have nightmares and see a dark mass floating around every time I had sleep paralysis. Around this time I had my vivid nightmare to top the last one. In the dream my mother, dad, brother, and I were all going out to eat. Suddenly my mother trips down the front porch stairs and rolls into the water main in the front yard.

And the water main is full of water! I pull out a straw from nowhere not realizing it’s just a dream and begin to drink the water out as quickly as possible. While everyone else is just watching me. Once I realize it’s too late for me to save her I look up at everyone around me. They all have black eyes and tilted heads as if to ask, "What are you doing?".

On another account I had awoke with my eyes closed because I felt that heavy energy. I very slowly peeked my eye open enough to make out the black silhouette standing beside my bed leaning over me as I lay on my back. I closed my barely open eyelid and was trying to reach it and punch it away, but I was petrified.

I could not move. That is when I heard a sound I will never ever forget. A growl so evil sounding it had to be the devil himself. I have searched online for EVPs of growls and animal growls but not one has even came close. From this point I tried to ward it off by yelling. I was so petrified all that came out was, "Get the **** back!" Only it sounded like I had a sumo wrestler sitting on me when I said it. As soon as I said it, however, everything stopped. Instantly. No energy. No sounds. Nothing. By this time I was used to it so I just shook it off and went back to sleep.

When we got rid of the computer. The energy throughout the house was lifted. However, there is still a strange feeling about my parents' old room. The lady we sold the computer too tried to give it back to us the next day. She didn’t even want her money back but she wouldn’t say why. Thank you for reading my life story of death.



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