My Wife's Grandma's Ghost

My Wife's Grandma's Ghost

My girlfriend at the time and now wife's grandmother died in December of 1996. She was in her middle 70's and had suffered from Alzheimers for years.

She and my girlfriend were very close, as she was her oldest grand daughter. We went to the funeral then came back to my parents house to spend the night. We went to bed and tried falling asleep. I was lying flat on my back in the middle of the bed, while my girlfriend was on her side with her back facing me.

After laying there about 15 minutes, a small, orange ball of light emerged in the corner in the far right side of the bedroom. I thought this was odd, but I really wasn't afraid. Slowly, the ball of light began to move toward the center of the room, again on the far wall from us.

I didn't move any part of my body besides my eyes to follow the ball of light. It was a little smaller than the size of a basketball. The ball continued to move from right to left, until it was in the left corner of the room.

Again, I hadn't moved a muscle, but followed the light with my eyes. My girlfriends back was to me, and for all I knew she was asleep. Slowly, the ball of light left the left corner of room and started to come toward my girlfriend.

I was straining my eyes to move as far left as they could, cause I wanted to see this, but by this time I was too afraid to move my body! When the ball of light was almost out of my vision I mustered up my courage and moved my body toward my girlfriend to see what was coming at her.

The minute I moved my girlfriend jumped about a foot off the bed! The ball of light disappeared. I could hear my girlfriend was breathing loudly. I asked her "Did you see that orange ball of light coming toward you?" She said, "I did. I saw my grandma's face in it. I think she was coming to tell me goodbye".

We lay there for what seemed like forever, until we both fell asleep. We woke up in the morning, asking each other, "did that really happen"? We still talk about it to this day. I have no doubt in my mind my girlfriend/wife's grandma was coming to see here one final time.

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