Mysterious Breathing Noises

I grew up in a big turn-of-the-century brick house. I was in high school and had to basically stay up all night to finish an art project due the next day. I set up everything in our dining room.

There are two entrances, one side had double pocket doors and led into the living room. The other was a swinging door that led into the kitchen. (This is all relevant I promise lol).

So anyway the whole downstairs was a loop. The dining room led to the hall, then to the kitchen, then back into the dining room.

OK so it's the middle of the night, like 3am and I have all the doors closed and out of nowhere I can hear a man breathing heavily at the pocket doors leading to the living room. Everyone was in bed and there is NO WAY someone could come down the stairs without me hearing because the stairs creaked really loudly.

So I freeze and The breathing gets more and more harsh and labored. And then like the snap of my fingers, the breathing sounds leave the pocket doors and begin on the other side of the kitchen door.

I mean, it was instantaneous. It was not possible for someone to move that fast. The walk around, even at a run, would have taken 10-20 seconds.

Anyway, the breathing stopped after a few minutes and then nothing. Never heard any footsteps or anything. Really creeped me out.

It was really hard to be alone in that house at night after that. Bit nothing else has ever happened. They still live there. I always thought it was weird that it was an isolated incident.

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