When I was in eighth grade, my mother bought an old house with an inheritance from her mother, my grandmother.

We had to do a lot of repairs before moving in, and my grandfather helped until his sudden death. The last time we saw him was for my birthday dinner.

Five days later my mother found him dead in his home, on HER birthday! Poltergeist/paranormal activity started becoming more and more common.

It started with my bedroom door. The house was still kind of unlevel. I used an area rug to hold my bedroom door open when I wanted.

I saw this rug move across the floor to allow my door to close on many occasions. Sometimes it would slam. I called this story Native Poltergeist because this house was originally government housing for Native Americans.

My bedroom was the original house. One small room! The rest was built on bit by bit, hence the unlevel floors. The kitchen was always a creepy place too. There was usually some kind of small, cloudy figure looming outside of my mother’s bedroom, just off the kitchen.

I had to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. Often times I felt something brush by me, or hear footsteps behind me, to and from the bathroom.  One night my mother was home alone, working on a job in the kitchen. She was seated at a desk next to the doorway from the living room to kitchen.

Something turned the music up very loud. She turned it down and went back to working. Then the music got very low. Again she adjusted the volume. The next time she looked at the stereo just in time to see the volume dial turning.  

She was freaked out at this point! She turned off the stereo and quietly tried to work until I returned home. She told me all about it. I could see the fear in her face. She's not a dramatic, person.

We talked about what I had experienced and realized much of it was the same! She had seen my door close on its own-after the rug slid it's self away! Things were always weird, but the scariest thing was on my last night in that house. I had graduated from high school and was moving to the east coast.

We had packed all my stuff and loaded it for the drive. Cried a lot and had some dinner. My boyfriend was spending the night so he could see me off in the morning. We were both in my room, about to lay down.

I switched off the light and a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT went on in the corner above me. I turned the switch back on and saw my boyfriend.

His face was white, and he looked like he had tears in his eyes. "What the hell was that?!"  "You saw it too!” I said.  "It was a light in all four corners! Over your head and over there!” he said, shakily pointing at all the other upper corners of the room.

I never went back to that house and my mother moved the same year. She had more experiences, but less frequent when I left. That final "goodbye" was enough to last me a lifetime! 

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