I once lived in a single family apartment in the city. It was a single unattached apartment so it was just me, my boyfriend and my baby in the building, no one else. Upon moving in, I held a séance that confirmed my suspicions that the place was evil especially the basement.

One night me, my boyfriend at the time and some of our friends were sitting around a table we set up in the living room playing poker. A big argument broke out and it started getting loud. Well I'm assuming my ghost didn't like people arguing because as we got louder the television got even louder than us.

Keep in mind this was an old TV…you had to control the channels and volume with knobs on the TV. It wasn't a remote control television. On another night, I had my brother over for company he was going to spend the night.

We were sitting in the living room watching TV and talking quietly reminiscing about family memories. All of the sudden, the turn knob on the TV starts turning changing the channel. Very creepy to my brother, but I was used to it by now having lived here for several months.

On a whole different night this is when I get really freaked out. It's just me and my 1 yr. old baby home alone this time. My boyfriend was working third shift. After a fun filled day at the park with my baby her dad left for work and we were ready to settle in for the night, so I put her in her crib, walk across the room and lay in bed.

I watched TV until my daughter fell asleep then turned off the TV so I could sleep. Couple hours go by and I wake to hear my daughter baby talking to something that wasn't there. She was just talking and giggling away.

I asked her who are you talking to in my baby voice and she stops. So I'm lying there in the quiet now and I hear footsteps coming toward my bed. Once the footsteps stopped next to me the floor starts shaking vigorously.

Scared me half to death, so I grabbed my baby and we waited on the front porch for her dads shift to be over. Too scared to go back in. After that happened we decided it was time to move but not before checking out the basement.

There was a huge devil head spray painted on one of the walls and a student’s desk pushed into the corner. This to me was confirmation that this place was evil. So happy we moved out.


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