Since I was a child, I could see what many could not. Before the age of ten, I witnessed rocking chairs moving, a VHS tape fly from our VCR, I even saw the spirit of my step sisters aunt two days before she passed. Through the years, time went by before I would experience another paranormal experience. My mother always told me that wherever she moved, something would always follow her. As I got older and on my own, I noticed no matter where I moved, something unexplainable would always happen. Nothing dangerous, but I knew I wasn't alone. 

In 2010 my mother moved back to South Carolina and I moved in with her to help out and get both our lives back on track and stable. In 2011, I was staying with my boyfriend, now ex, and I became pregnant. Having to move back in with my mother after my ex left, nothing really happened. It was one of those out of sight out of mind deals. It had been years since experiencing anything that I just completely forgot about it.

December 2011, my daughter was born, and everything was still quiet, until she hit about four or five months old. I noticed she would look up at the corners of our ceiling and just smile. I brushed it off as babies do this. I read about babies just looking up and smiling; it must be her guardian angel. My grandfather had passed away June of 2010; I just thought it was him looking over her.

It really didn't start catching my attention until two of my three cats would jump up on something in a corner of a room, put their front paws on the wall, and just start meowing at the corner of the ceiling. I thought to myself it could not be a spirit because I've always heard and read that pets act negatively towards spirits of any type.
In August of 2013, a family friend moved in with is due to a separation from her husband. The activity started to pick up. One of my daughter’s small piggy banks, a little elephant, that was full of pennies, sat on a flat surface on a shelf. With just me and my daughter here, she sat in the floor playing when I heard something just tip over with a thud.

I looked in the direction and noticed her piggy bank laying on its side. I gazed at my daughter who was not phased and watching cartoons, then glanced back at the bank. Hesitant to walk over, I got up and set the bank up and stood there a few moments just staring at it. The day passed with nothing else. My mother came home from work and she brushed it off and said just ignore it. I couldn't ignore it; she wasn't experiencing anything, and was not taking me seriously. 

Our friend Michele who had moved in began to see things as well. We would see a shadow quickly moving from the bathroom to my room or her room and then back again. Months had passed and my mom was still brushing our stories off because she still had not saw or experienced anything. One day she went into the kitchen to pull the trash bag from the trash can that was right next to the refrigerator.

On top of the refrigerator I had a blue glass decorative vase that I got from my grandfather’s house when he passed away. It was sitting in the middle with other stuff around it. I'm sitting in the living room and hear this crash and glass shatter. I run in there to see my mom frozen in place and staring at me; her eyes were large and frightened. My blue vase was shattered on the floor and I asked what had happen. As she was pulling the trash bag, she said the vase just flew off the fridge toward her head and she dodged it. She was no longer ignoring what we were telling her what was happening.

Something went from innocent to wanting to hurt. One night my daughter was playing in the living room with our friends children and my mom was recording her on her cell phone. She did not recognize or see anything out of the ordinary when recording until she played it back. Mom starts freaking out and calling me over to watch this video. As I am watching I see something that could be dust floating around, it looks like it has a light blue ring around it like maybe the light had caught it, but then where ever my daughter runs, it follows.

It finally circles completely around and goes through her, disappearing. It isn't until a minute later in the video that I see it again circling her before disappearing. My dad who is a huge skeptic, he did not believe in ghosts, supernatural, nothing, came over the next day. We show him the video, and my once non believer father, was floored. He did not try to excuse what he saw, he was speechless. 

My daughter would tell Michele, our friend, that the man in her closet was scaring her, or my daughter would be in the kitchen talking; I would ask her who she was talking to and she would respond, "that little girl". No harm came to my daughter until after she turned two. My daughter would suffer from what I thought was night terrors. Every night around the same time she would wake up screaming and petrified; she would not recognize me for a few minutes.

One night when I knew it was about that time she would wake up, I was on the way to her room when a blood curdling cry came from her room. I ran to her room and she kept saying my leg, my leg! I threw the covers back to see what look like someone bit her! I grabbed my phone and took a picture, I have the picture still on my phone and on my Instagram. Not only was we hearing a man’s voice, seeing things and hearing things, but this was the last straw.

We had no money to move, we didn't want anyone thinking we were crazy so we tried taking it into our own hands. My friend and I blindly held a séance. We had no education about it except reading information on the Internet. My mother, who has practiced Wiccan all her life kept telling us not to do it. We had no other choice and when she wasn't around, Michele and I conducted one. Not only did we make contact, but we got knowledge on what was in our house. A little girl, the age of five and a man that was keeping her there and from what we gathered, she was afraid of him. 

Michele took a trip to Gettysburg and talked to a lady who gave her instructions on how to rid this, whatever it was, from our home. Til this day we have not won this battle. We have tried absolutely everything, sage, salt, blessings... Nothing has helped. All it does is calm what's going on for just a little while and then it starts up again.

I do not believe people or these TV shows when they say oh this and this gets rid of them, open doors and windows, pray, use salt, dust, sage, burn the sage. It not as simple as people think to rid a spirit, especially ones that have fixated itself onto my child. I have realized with something following me my whole life, and now my daughter, not sure if it's the same being, there is nowhere to hide. It doesn't want to leave; I'm afraid of what may come next.



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