Old Boarding House

My father bought the old boarding house in 1966. I was eight years old when he moved all of us into it. Mom, dad, my two brothers, and myself. We had lived in a small two bedroom house in a well lit village until then. Dad moved us into a very large four bedroom house in the country.

It was dark!! Very dark at night there! Right off I had creepy feelings about the house. I would not even go upstairs to bed at night without someone going ahead of me and putting on lights. I always slept with a night light on too. 

Things started happening not too long after we settled in. I would always see or sense a dark figure in my room at night. There would be knocking on doors and no one would be there. Rocking chairs that rocked by themselves.

Voices of a man and woman in conversation when no one else was around. Footsteps heard but no one there. My dad would joke about it and say it was Mrs. Whitman. A woman who supposedly died in the house. As my brothers and I got older the incidents seemed to decrease. 

Years later I moved my family into my dad's house to take care of him as he was getting older and had health issues. My husband and I and two daughters. Things started happening again. Voices, objects moving, footsteps, tv turning off by itself, radio stations being changed, etc.... When my daughters got older things quieted down again.

Then my older daughter got married. She and her husband and my two grandchildren ended up moving into the house with my dad, my husband and myself. Things started up all over again with them in the house. My granddaughter stated a little boy wanted her to play with her when she was supposed to be sleeping at night.

My grandson would chatter away in baby talk to no one and offer toys to no one we could see. Dolls talked by themselves instead of when activated.

We found out from a ghost investigator that our house had originally been built as a boarding house for men that worked in gun powder mills in the back of our property. Many were killed in explosions there.

The old stone foundations are still there. Also a four year old boy died from illness there and a woman died in the house. Our ghosts are/ were never harmful. Just wanted to let us know they were there. 

The house is now rented out to friends and they have heard our ghosts and have had some incidents happen to them all ready.

Story Credit: Alexis, NY.

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