Old Church Converted into a Home. Paranormal Experiences

Old Church Converted into a Home. Paranormal Experiences

My name is Brandi. I live with my parents in Kentucky. We live 12 miles from the nearest town. When I was younger, I experienced a lot of unusual things that happened in my bedroom. It seemed like at night time was when all the activity would happen.

One night, I was fully awake in my bed and out of nowhere I heard my name in a whisper like voice. It repeated my name three times. I thought it was my brother so I got up and turned on the light and no one was there.

Over the years, I experienced this odd pressure feeling when I would walk into my room. It seemed like once I got settled back into my room a few months down the road I would feel like someone is watching. I didn't know what was going on.

I never believed in ghosts until the day my mother told something about the property that they built the house on. Before they had built my house, it was a church, but the church had been closed for quite a while.

Mom had told me that the room where they brought dead people in before they buried them was where my room is located. She told me that before I was born that my room used to be her and Dad's room.

She told me that one night my dad woke up hearing something thud and he thought it was the cat, but the cat was sleeping in between my mother's legs. So a couple months ago, I was sitting beside my door writing poetry.

My lamp was on the left side of me and my door was on my right. Out of nowhere I seen this shadow like figure in the corner of my eyes. When I looked that way it was gone. I thought my eyes were getting bad and that they were tricking me.

I took my earphones out of my ears and I heard this "tsss" noise. It was almost like someone was trying to get my attention. I freaked out and ran out of my room. That night I got ready to go to bed.

I was laying in my bed playing on my phone and all sudden, I felt like someone was sitting on my bed. I remember laying there telling myself that it's okay and not to panic. I freaked out when I heard the tss sound yet again and ran out of the room.

I was really scared. Mom and dad would laugh at me and tell me that it's all in my imagination. No one ever believed me. I almost felt like I was crazy. I didn't believe in ghosts, but yet I've been experiencing all these weird things.

I moved out of my room when my brother had moved into my parents Lake House. I thought I would be safer, but I was dead wrong. One morning I was laying awake playing on my ipad and all sudden my brother coats had been pushed off the shelf like someone got mad and threw them.

I freaked out and ran to the living room. Well a few days ago, my boyfriend stayed over. He stayed in my room and experienced a few weird things himself. He doesn't believe in ghosts either, but he finally understands what I had been going through.

He told me that the night he stayed over that he was laying on my bed getting ready to go to bed. He said, he felt like someone sat down on the bed. He said, he felt like someone jabbed him in the side.

He told me that he moved away and prayed for it to go away. He said, that he felt like it was gone because he didn't feel anything else. Well two days ago my boyfriend and I were laying on my bed.

Shane got freaked out and said that my horse statue moved towards the edge on the top shelf. I told him that it has always been like that. I have never witness something moving on it's own. Well today the horse wasn't on the edge anymore, it was turned towards the side.

Well earlier, he and I were laying down and he heard something in the room that sounded like something was moving. Well I looked up at the horse again and it was back at the edge again. I got freaked out and told my boyfriend to move and he got up and took my guitar and moved it back off the edge.

I don't know what would be haunting my room. I don't know if it's someone who is familiar with the church that my parents tore down when it was out of use. Or if it was someone that I know that is trying to get a message through me.

I don't believe in ghosts, but after experiencing the weird crap I go through. I just don't know what to to think anymore.

Story Credit: Brandi, Kentucky.


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