Old Farm in Palestine, Illinois

During the summer about six years ago, I was staying with my grandparents at their home in Illinois. It was an old, one story, white farm house with two silos, & three barns. One morning, my grandma & myself had went to the grocery store to buy a few things.

When we pulled into the driveway, my grandma told me to go get my grandpa to help us take the groceries inside. In the distance, I saw a figure who I thought was my grandpa, walking around one of the silos.

I ran towards him calling for him, but he kept walking. So I followed. When I turned the corner of the silo, he was gone. So I went back to the house, to help my grandma. When I waked into the house, my grandpa was sitting in his easy chair, watching TV, wearing his pjs!

I turned pale & froze for a moment. I then asked my grandpa if he had someone over, & he said no. Then I explained that I saw a man outside walking around the silo, & how I never found him.

My grandpa quickly got up, got dressed, & grabbed his rifle & headed outside. He searched the entire property, & found nobody. A few days later, my grandpa did some searching, & recovered a death certificate from the previous owner.

The previous owner explained that his son died in the home at the age of 30, from complications from a disease he had his entire life. So we all agreed that the man who I saw, was the son of the previous owner.

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