Opening Door

 I have dreams about it all the time and each time it's the same...but in real life it was more scary and more haunting than anything in a fictional book or movie.

This was for real and it haunts me forever...Maybe there is a message beyond this but I haven't found anything. All I know is something or someone has made it known they are there and there is no conclusion.

I was 14 and lived in a pretty safe neighborhood with my parents. I usually would stay at home while they ran errands, and prior to me staying at home I had of course, homework, chores, every teen's duties at age 14-18 while living with parents right?

I thought so...well it was a nice afternoon, I just got home from school and my parents left me a note on the fridge saying they will be home in a hour or two. Going for the fridge to find myself a snack I noticed our porch door ( glass and not sliding door) was slightly open.

There are no stairs from the bottom ground outside, keep in mind and not thinking anything of it I just shut it, and I remember shutting it because what do doors do when they are shut closed? (they are supposed to stay closed) within 5 minutes of shutting that door, a gust of wind made it swing back open so hard it hit the wall behind it and made a picture frame from the wall fall.

I screamed being scared like a little girl. I decided to clean up the broke glass and while dumping it in the garbage, I know I picked up all the pieces and yet...there was some left on the floor across the room...( now tell me that isn't freaky!) I shut the door again and this time I locked it.

I cleaned up the rest of the glass and put the picture on the counter top. For the next 20 minutes I heard strange sounds from the upstairs hallway, and also my bathroom toilet was flushing by itself. ( it's a handle type where it cannot flush by itself) I started to get worried and called my parents, they said they were stuck in traffic for about 10 minutes.

I sat in my room for the rest of the day, wondering what was going on...and that night I woke up to use the bathroom, and I swear in the mirror was a reflection of a girl about 12 years old, staring straight at me...I think I must have ran out of the bathroom and into my room because I was holding my pee till the morning.

It was so real and so horrifying. (and I wasn't watching any horror movies before this) And now this whatever it is, comes back and haunts me in my dreams...but here's the twisted part ( that house I lived in was built in 1990).

(With no suicide or deaths in that house.) If anyone understands this please know I am 100% truthful and I want people to know about my experiences whether it's scary, freaky or plain happened.

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