P-SB7 Spirit Box Review

P-SB7 Spirit Box Review

Review of the P-SB7 Spirit Box

The P-SB7 Spirit Box is a device used to discover whether or not there is any paranormal activity nearby. This device has been seen frequently on the Ghost Adventures TV show making it a device that is easily recognized.

The P-SB7 is fairly small, about the size of the average iPhone but thicker making it very portable regardless of what area you want to check out. 

The P-SB7 is a fairly low-priced ghost hunting device that the average paranormal-enthusiast can afford to purchase but is it all that it’s cracked up to be and should just anyone be using it?

This device was built to pick up the sounds of spirit voices in real time. This is an advantage over devices (voice recorders) which are left in an area to record Electronice Voice Phenomena and then picked up at a later time. 

These devices would require that you sit and listen to potentially hours’ worth of nothing before you heard anything interesting.

The real-time nature of this device also increases the likelihood that you will hear the voices of spirits as they are more likely to be present when you’re around and not so much when the space is unoccupied. 

This device has an adjustable forward or reverse frequency sweep combined with a white noise that is proprietary to the device which cycles between the frequency steps as you sweep. 

It comes with the ability to sweep with an FM frequency which provides a range from 76MHz to 87.9MHz, or 119 new frequencies. 

In addition, this device is able to sweep AM frequencies which can help to reduce interference from nearby radio stations. These pros give the spirit box the ability to pick up the voices of spirits which may not otherwise be heard.

Other pros of the device are a back-lit display. This can make using the device much easier in darker environments or in places which lack electricity for adequate lighting. The P-SB7 uses standard AAA batteries making it affordable to operate.

Carrying around a package or two of AAA’s is easy and light and you don’t have to worry about recharging the device itself or using expensive battery packs. There are some noted cons though, such as the fact that battery life can tend to be quite short under certain circumstances. 

Use of batteries for electronic devices like cameras specifically designed for more power hungry devices will help extend battery life and reduce the overall costs. The volume of the device itself may be inadequate for your needs but the addition of adapter speakers solves this issue rather easily.

Side note: I, myself purchased the Altec Lansing iM227 Orbit external speaker. It's less than $20 on Amazon. This speaker impressed me so much that I recommend it to anyone that needs a clear, crisp and LOUD boost to their audio for cheap.

Checking Amazon, there's now a version that includes the P-SB7 and the exact speaker mentioned above as a packaged deal for under $100. (The prior link and the image below, when clicked are affiliate links that I make a bit of extra money from on Amazon.) Regardless, it's still a great deal that I thought many of you would be interested in!

The P-SB7 Spirit Box with external Altec Lansing Speaker

If there are a lot of FM stations nearby, you may have to make use of the AM frequency sweeper to avoid interference. It is important to keep in mind that devices intended to pick up the presence of spirits may attract them. 

While this is not a really big deal if you’re only attempting to attract positive entities, you may also encounter negative spirits. As such, you’ll definitely want to know what to do if you do attract a negative entity before you begin. This device will sweep using multiple frequencies over very short intervals. 

Should a spirit that wishes to communicate be present, they are able to use the frequencies through manipulation to relay their message. 

You’ll know you are hearing the voice of a spirit if you are able to make out full words, these will likely be intentionally directed at you and not snippets of other sounds.The faster you set the device to sweep through the frequencies, the less likely you are to come up with radio interference. 

Overall, the P-SB7 Spirit Box is good for just about any user as it is not filled with complex features that make the process more complicated.

For use in the field, it is advisable that you bring along a portable speaker as noise within the environment can affect your ability to hear the sounds of the device as it sweeps. You wouldn't want to miss out on an interesting message because you forgot to bring one along...

Due to it's easy to use user-interface, simplicity and setup time, gives this device an 8/10.


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