Since my roommate and I moved into our first apartment, many paranormal things have been happening. Dishes will slide around in our cabinets, and our lights will blow out resulting in replacing the light bulbs.

We hear scratching and breathing noises behind our walls. My roommate as well as my boyfriend both had a dream that my dog died in my bathroom.

I took her to the vet; it turns out she has a heart disease. She will die if she doesn't get surgery, I hear a lady sometimes screaming also.... And every time we are on the phone with people, they always hear someone else talking in the background and static sounds.

I had to get rid of one of my dogs because as soon as we moved in, she went insane and kept hiding behind things. She turned extremely violent as if someone was abusing her.

My other dog is constantly barking at the kitchen and living room and my bathroom. She will wake me up in the middle of the night and be barking and growling at my bathroom door. My bathroom is the only room with a cross hanging on the wall.

When my roommate tried to record the scratching sounds on the walls, her laptop blew out. When she finally got it to work again, half her files had been deleted.

I think this presence is getting angry because we are starting to investigate it? On the same day at the same time, my roommate and I got HUGE migraines, and we feel sick, but we aren't, and no medicine can help.

Lastly, sometimes I wake up with unexplained bruises in very odd locations like the backs of my arms and legs. What kind of haunting is this? Poltergeist?

This is not my first experience with these types of things. When I was younger, there was a demon living in my old house. I was the first to see it, and then my sister, then my friend, and finally my parents.

Its presence also dwelled in my parent's master bathroom/bedroom area. This entity would slam doors and blow lights out and even light candles.

My parents finally stopped allowing my siblings and me in that area, and we moved. Is it possible after all these years it could be back?


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