Hey everyone, so I've never done this before but I'll explain as best I can. 

My story begins about 10 years ago. I was 14 and living in an older home in the suburbs of St. Paul. At the time it was my mother, step father, brother, and I living here. The house is recorded to be one of the oldest houses in the area and is over 100 years old. 

That summer we were doing some remodeling on our house, changing an old recording studio that was built there unto a work den. My step father and I were banging on a wall to bring it down when we heard something fall between the boards. After prying back the wall we were able to find an old photograph of two German children in black and white. The photo was older so the kids weren't smiling just watching the camera with no emotion. On the back was a bunch of writing we couldn't make out as it was all in German, (my step father knew some German so he was able to identify the language). 

After finding the photo we placed it in a dictionary to keep it safe from harm while we finished the remodeling and to help flatten it out as it had some creases in it. 

This is where things went downhill... 

Before we found this photo nothing paranormal ever happened. 

After the remodeling we went back for the photo in the dictionary to get a better look. We found nothing. As if the picture had been taken or maybe never even existed. We asked around and nobody in my family took it or ever moved it. 

Fast forward to when I was 16, so two years later. I moved my bedroom downstairs into the work den in my rebellious state to escape sharing a bedroom. This work den was located on the main floor right past the kitchen. Because it used to be a work den the room had two glass French doors so people could always see in and out of my bedroom. When facing the paranormal this was the worst... 

My first week in this new bedroom were terrifying. Every night I would hear footsteps throughout the night walking back and forth in the night. I tried to look out but saw nobody. At times I would hear low talking voices in the kitchen. Knowing fully that everyone was asleep upstairs. Needless to say I got a dog. But he was just as scared as I was. He would growl at my door for sometimes hours as we heard more footsteps and talking. 

A couple months later things started to settle down outside my room but activity really started to pick up in the basement. 

The basement was accessible through the kitchen, but something was always off about it. The door to get down there had a deadbolt and a chain on it when we moved in as well as a small peep hole so you can look down there before opening the door. 

One day I was down there in the bathroom, doing my thing. I remember feeling a presence watching me. I looked to my left to see a full grown black shadow watching me, no face, just darkness. At that exact moment the light to the bathroom shut off and the bathroom door locked on its own. I was stuck inside with this thing. I remember screaming and banging on the door. Finally the door unlocked and I was able to run out of the house just as my mother was coming down to get me. 

Two weeks later my brother and I were babysitting my newborn baby sister upstairs. While up there, we both heard downstairs a giant shelf slammed down to the ground and glass shattering. We both run down stairs to see what fell over... 

Nothing. Everything was fine. Even my dog was still sleeping. We both looked around and we didn't even have any shelves with glass items on it to make that noise. After that my sister upstairs starts screaming we run up to get her to find her fast asleep in her crib... To this day I can't explain what happened that day. 

We have moved away from this house now. And good luck to the family that lives there now. If you have any questions on my story don't be afraid to ask.


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