Paranormal History of Apache Junction, Arizona

Paranormal History of Apache Junction, Arizona

People who have discussed Arizona in various circles have probably talked about the Grand Canyon and the fine weather. What if these people knew that there was more beyond the beautiful rock formations and cool air?

The little wonder that is Apache Junction has stories and beautiful tales that surround its existence and the everyday activities that others would deem "abnormal". Read on to find out about this paranormal haven.

What is the Apache Junction?

Anyone who has heard about this region probably heard about the beautiful background of mountains it has. This backdrop looks like a collection of rocks portraying confidence and strength.

It appears as a thrilling location for a hike or a perfect place to capture a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. As much as you would be led to believe all this, it could not be farther from the truth.

The Spaniards who visited this area gave the mountains the name "Superstition Mountains". They named it so because they could not explain the deaths of their counterparts, which seemingly occurred whenever one separated himself from the group.

They were quick to direct blame at the Apache Indians who lived in the area and had given it its name (the Apache Junction). 

The history of the Apache Junction

For a long time the Spaniards had heard rumors of a great gold mine in the area that is today referred to as Arizona. The Spaniards had previously known this place as the "7 cities of gold".

The miners gave it the name 'Cibola’. They made an expedition to survey the area in the 1700s and see whether there was any truth to what they had heard. The Apaches told them that the mountains were the home of a Thunder God. 

It is believed that the Spaniards had organized mining expeditions for a long time before the Indians ambushed them. A massacre occurred, after which the King ordered the men back to Spain.

Many websites will tell you of a curse that was placed on the Indians by the Spanish men who left the territory. They told them that bad things would happen if they returned to the mine.

In the 1870s, a man from Germany known as Jacob Waltz visited the Apache Junction to look for the much acclaimed gold. The Indians called him "Snowbeard" because he had a long white beard that intimidated them.

Others called him "the Dutchman", which is weird because he wasn't even Dutch. Waltz met Jacob Weiser in the area and together they organized a trip to the gold mines in the Superstition Mountains.

The two had supposedly rescued a Mexican man from death who rewarded them by giving them a map of the area.

No one knows how they got to the mountains or whether they got the actual gold. Over the next few years, people began to see them all over town paying for their drinks, accommodation and other necessities using gold ores.

When asked how they got the gold, they said they had been to the mountain and found the gold mine. Weiser was murdered by a group of Mexicans and Waltz is believed to have been associated with the death.

Locals will tell you that Waltz, aka "the Dutchman", revealed the location of the mine while on his deathbed in 1891 to his mistress.

Almost 10,000 people have ventured to the Superstition Mountains since then in an attempt to find the gold, but have found nothing. Today, this mine is referred to as "the Lost Dutchman Mine".

There are many other legends that mention prominent families such as the Peraltas as being a part of mining the gold. However, scientists have found no actual evidence that can bring us any closer to the truth.

Paranormal activity at Apache Junction


It would be true to say that paranormal activity at the Apache Junction began as early as during the Spaniard and Indian quarrels over the mountains.

The disappearance of the Spanish miners who were later found decapitated was blamed on the Apache Indians. However, the Apaches swore that they had nothing to do with those killings and that it was the Thunder God punishing the Spaniards. 

Since Waltz supposedly revealed the location of the mine, the 10,000 people who ventured out to find it have either died or vanished. There are almost 100 bodies that have been found and were either shot or their heads cut off their bodies.

This kind of violent killing can only indicate one thing to you: somebody does not want us to find that gold.

Time and dimensional shifts

When you visit the elusive Apache Junction, you will find that the rules of time and space have been broken. You may spend a short duration there, but end up wondering "where did all the time go"?

Mary Sutherland is one such individual who experienced this.

Also, the temperatures here are incredibly bizarre. You can experience up to 130 degrees during a certain time, and experience a total drop to 50 degrees in a matter of hours.

Moody weather that exhibits mystery and danger is also a part of the norm at the Apache Junction.


Mary Sutherland also described to us tales of mystical portals where old generals at war walked into and appeared in a different location. There are also other stories of portals that move from one location to another.

It is almost as if they have a hidden source of energy. There are those that are not always accessible and others that are open 24/7.

You may walk into one and end up re-appearing after hours while thinking you had been there for 5 or so minutes. You may also walk into another and find yourself unable to return!

UFO landings and abductions

The people who vanished here are also believed to be abducted by aliens. Some people blame the gruesome killings on aliens who do not want us to find their lair: the Superstition Mountains.

This may sound like an unimaginable theory, but there is only one way to find out the truth. Are you willing to take that risk reader?

Unearthly lights

No one dares to go to Apache Junction at night, but those that have gone there and lived to tell the tale saw something interesting. At night the place lights up with mysterious inviting lights.

Unending spiral staircase

While searching for the much praised gold, the Spaniards encountered a staircase heading below the earth. The staircase leads deeper and deeper into the earth and has no end.

Vicious humanoids

There are humanoids that come out of the caves in Superstitious Mountains and behead those that dare to disturb the eerie peace here. 

Spirit faces, ancient structures, gold ores, weapons and pack trains have all been discovered at the Apache Junction. Each of these things has contributed in giving us a piece of history about this region. Before you dismiss this extraordinary place, ask yourself this: "What if’?


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