Phantom Horse

This story goes back to when I was little. I was maybe 5 or 6. I'm 25 now. Lived in the country but I had no horses at the time.

We would always go visit my mom's friend at the fairgrounds where she kept her horses and ride them. It was a hot night in July. My mom and a friend of hers were sitting outside watching a meteor shower. I want to say it was the 4th if July.

They were doing some chatting and looking at the stars when all of a sudden they felt the ground vibrating as if a horse was running at them. It was so loud and intense that it woke my cousin and me up from a dead sleep. My mom and her friend ran up the concrete steps to the front door.

My cousin and I were in my bedroom which is up the steps directly in front of the front door. We jumped out of bed and ran down the steps right as my mom and her friend were running in the door.

We asked what it was and my mom said she thought it was a horse but there was nothing there. I remember standing on the steps while her and her friend were discussing it and catching their breath.

The next day my mom went to visit the 2 horse farms down the road from our house to ask them if any horses had gotten loose. They are about 1 1\2 miles down the road, both on the same road right across the street from each other.

She went to both farms and both said the same thing, that none of the horses got out but around the time my mom and her friend heard the noise, horses at either farms were going crazy.

So a few days later my mom and her friend got a halter, lead rope, and put some oats in a can and got on the 3 Wheeler and rode over to the woods which is across the street and through the field.

They parked on the wood line and ventured in with those 3 things and flashlights. No more than 200 ft. into the woods they saw an area about 6-8 ft. wide of brush and grass that was laid down as if an animal had been there.

Now, granted, this is the woods, but they also heard what sounded to be a horse in pain, rustling, kicking, squealing and heavy breathing. They shined the flashlights but saw nothing except where all the bushes and grass was laid down. They shook the can of oats and it seemed to calm whatever it was down.

Then it let out a deep breath through its nose as if sneezing and then nothing. Just crickets. After that night every time we sat outside at night and listened for a while we would hear a horse neigh from the woods.

At first we thought it was from the horse farms but it would not be able to travel almost 2 miles through woods to reach our ears. Speed of sound just won't allow that to happen.

To this day, if I go to my mom’s house and we sit outside long enough into the night, we can still hear the phantom horse whinnying from the woods.

Story Credit: Marianne | Ohio.

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