Pinned to the Bed

A bit of history, The place I was staying at in QLD had an old Aboriginal live in it for years. He was said to be a drunk and A nasty man, He died in the house.

To state a fact, I am NOT known to have Sleep Paralysis in any form. My cousin was living there with her 4 kids ( My second cousins ). I went to visit her to catch up and see them all for a few weeks.

Not much had happened before I arrived just the odd bump in the night. About A week after I had been there, I went camping on the river for the night to do some fishing.  When I got back the next day, my cousin had told me that 1 of my second cousins had felt like she had been pinned to the bed in the middle of the night.

She said she was awake and it was like something was sitting on her chest and she could hear someone breathing in her ear, she's not a girl that scares easy. She stayed in the room for another 3 nights, same thing each night happened.

At this point I said I will stay in there. Before I went to sleep each night I would say, you want to mess with someone you mess with me, leave my family alone.  

I have done different forms of combat styles and have a strong CHI , that I have learnt to utilize and protect myself in the form of A White Shield I surround myself in when confronted by these types of things.

As I deal with my own entities on a nightly basis as it is. All was well for the first two nights I slept in the room. On the third night I was so tired I forgot to sheild myself before going to sleep, Bad move on my part.  

Some time later on in the night I woke to the sound of breathing near my face, I opened my eyes I was laying on my back I looked around the room,  ( YES I COULD MOVE MY HEAD )...then I felt a presence in the room with me it went cold.

I felt a pressure rest on my chest and A fuzzy shape on me that I couldn't make out, at that moment I could see my breath like on a winters morning, ( yet it was about 20c or so outside QLD ).

As I breathed I could see the air go around the shape on my chest like it was tangible, I could barely breath at this point. I started to try to move but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried, I felt like I was being mocked in some way, that's when IT PISSED ME OFF.

I'm not the biggest man, but at that point fear left and anger rose.  I calmed my mind and called on my inner self, I remember literally willing IT off me, I seen the fuzziness literally brake apart, Then I could move again.

I took a deep calming breath, found my center, sat up and said, Any time you want round two you come see ME, leave my family alone.  Nothing happened in the house again after that. I don't know why.

A week or so later, I met the nephew of the man that died there, the elders of his tribe came to do a cleansing on the house to send him on, just to be shore.

Story credit: E V, Victoria.


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