Poltergeist Haunting My House

We moved into our apartment in May last year (2014) with our two cats and I immediately noticed something odd. 
The first night, the oldest cat, Zoe, was just really wound up.

We thought maybe it was the 16th trip to a new state and a new place. She was running laps around the apartment and chirping (a hunting call) very loudly.

I noticed that she was staring at the ceiling every time she chirped and she was getting up on things to get closer to the ceiling. This is incredibly unusual for her.

We didn't really think much of it at the time. Over the next few weeks, the cats would stare and chirp at the ceiling as if they were chasing something they couldn't reach.

They would sit and stare at a spot by the front door for hours. My fiancé just said they were probably just chasing reflections of cars driving by but I thought maybe there was something here. 

About 3 months after we were moved in, I was putting a few last things away, specifically a mop bucket that goes on top of the refrigerator (theres not much for storage space here).

I sat down to take a break and watch some tv. I picked a movie and around the 2 hour mark, the bucket fell off the top of the fridge. Now it could have been the cats except they were sleeping on the couch with me and my fiancé wasn't home.

No one slammed any doors and there is no other explanation for it to just fall. I was a little freaked out but I just walked over and put it back up then went back to the movie. As soon as I sat down, the bucket came down.

The next week, I was watching tv with my kitten sleeping next to me and the older cat sleeping in a window perch and my fiancé was at work.

Suddenly the kitten jumped up alert and very tense. Almost as if they were synchronized, Zoe shot up too. The kitten, Emma, vaulted off the couch and "presented" herself to the bedroom door and Zoe hid under the entertainment center.

Emma stayed poofed and tense for a few minutes then she sat down and slowly got closer to the bedroom to inspect it. She went under the bed and ran right back out with her tail puffed up.

She was definitely afraid of something that I couldn't see or hear. 

I told a friend about the problems I was having and she recommended that I sage the apartment and cleanse the energy. So with her help, I did. Everything died down for a while, but today its coming back.

It was raining and I had just finished up some dishes when Emma made a strange noise and ran from her window perch. I went over to look and there was a hand print on the glass.

Definitely on the inside and definitely not mine or my fiancés since I just cleaned the windows yesterday and I know for fact that they haven't been touched. I am officially scared.

Anonymous Submission.


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