When I was younger, over a period of time me and my siblings would spend some of our summer at our grandparents. It would range from a week or longer since they lived so far away.

It took hours to drive by car. This occurred when I was 11. I was always able to communicate with spirits since I was little and for personal reasons, I would ignore or neglect to speak with them this one particular incidence I cant say exactly when the possession came to be, but the time that clearly rings in my head was me and my grandma were getting ready for bed.

We were in the restroom brushing our teeth and I had this disorienting sense of not knowing where I was and having no control over my body.

I can remember my grandma asking me if I was ready yet and I said No and remained behind while she went off to her bed. I blanked out after that and I found myself wandering around in the middle of the night.

I was not sleep walking I had never sleep walked in my life nor had I went to bed yet. The living room was really dark and I could hardly access as to where I was, I was terrified of the dark so there was no way I would willingly walk around a darkened living by myself.

At one point I layed down on the couch and got up, and made my way upstairs. As I made my way through the upstairs my grandmother had called out to me and was wondering what I was doing up at 1 am.

From the time we were in the bathroom it was about 10 pm so based on that time I lost 3 hours of not knowing what I was doing.

I layed down with my grandma and grandpa in there bed my grandfather was sleeping, I thought he and my grandmother was speaking but as it turned out my grandmother was talking to me and the spirit talking through me was having an open conversation with my grandmother.

The next morning my grandmother was trying to continue with our conversation the night before but I couldn't remember any of it. After words my grandmother understood that I was possessed and since than asked that she not enter my body.

My grandmother was on good terms with the spirit as she spoke to it regularly and this spirit found a way to communicate back.

Anonymous Submission.

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