Recently I've been having very strange experiences in my room.

I've been having really vivid dreams. Almost all of them are violent, like my house burning down, people I know being killed, finding dead bodies, and playing paranormal games, like Ouija boards, and even one about people summoning Satan. They're very realistic, to the point that when I wake up, it's like I didn’t even go to sleep, and sleep is pointless now. However, when I sleep anywhere else, like my living room, they stop, and I sleep well, without those dreams.

I've always been a very restless sleeper, and often wake up with the bed sheets tangled up all around me, pillows on the ground, and usually an arm, leg, or sometimes my head hanging over the side of my bed. My room gets very hot at night, even when the AC is on, and there's a fan blowing directly at me. However, I often wake up in the middle of the night freezing, with all my blankets on. I'll get up and go over to my door, and it's warm. Other times, I'll wake up burning up, with all my blankets on the ground, and go to another part of my room, and its normal temperature.

I get very anxious at night in my room, and I feel like someone is always there, sitting in my chair in my room, watching me sleep. Whenever I get up during the night to go to the bathroom, I feel like I'm going to walk back in and see someone in my bed. I get panicky, and feel that someone will grab me when I reach down from my bed to put my book on the floor, or grab my charger for my phone.

I never feel like this in any other room besides my bathroom, where I can look in the mirror and see my bedroom clearly, and I always feel like I'll look and see someone in my doorway. I get anxious in my bathroom, specifically when I shower, and feel like I'll open the curtain and see someone there, or someone will open the door and come in while I'm showering.

I sometimes wake up with scratches on my wrists, like I took the end of a paper clip and cut my arm. I have never done that, and I don't know how I get these scratches. I have a cat, but she's almost 20 pounds, and I would most definitely feel it if she hopped onto my bed, and my dog goes into the garage at night, plus she's a black lab, and I would feel it if she got onto my bed if she was left in.

I have two lamps in my room, one is remote controlled, and the other turns on when you tap it. I keep the remote for the one lamp on my dresser, on the other side of my room. I will get back from school and go into my room, and the remote controlled lamp is on, and the remote hasn't moved. I'll turn it off, and a few days later, the touch lamp will be on. The touch lamp takes three taps, and with each tap it gets brighter.

Sometimes, the touch lamp will be all the way on, meaning it had to have been tapped three times, and other times, it’s on its lowest level. I've considered a short in the wiring, but the lamps aren't plugged into the same outlets, and the touch lamp turns on, on different levels - I'm not a mechanic, but I don't think wire shorts can change the level of the light when it turns on.

This just happened this morning, and it pushed me over the edge. Last night, I was in my room, and, like always, I had a stuffed bear on my head board on my bed. Across the room is my closet, and I made sure to close both the sliding doors on it, because [I'm afraid of things coming out of my closet.] I slept in my living room, because my room is very messy because I'm doing a project for my language arts class.

Like whenever I sleep in the living room, I had normal dreams, and when I woke up, I went into my room to get clothes.

One of my closet doors is cracked open, and the bear that was on my headboard is between the closet door and the wall, with half its body and its head hanging out. Keep in mind that my bed is in the corner of my room, and there's a window and a bookshelf between it and the closet, and the bookshelf is positioned in a way that the bear would have had to go from the corner of my head board next to my wall, past a window, around the bookshelf, and into the closet, while something opened the closet door, and closed it on the bear. I asked my parents and my sister if they did it, and they all said no, and my mom is as scared because of it as I am.

It isn't just me that has experiences. My mom was in the kitchen, I was in the living room, and my sister was downstairs in her room. My mom then asks from the kitchen if I just ran down the hallway into my room. I said no, I've been sitting here the whole time. She then asks where my sister is, and I said downstairs.

My mom then tells me she saw someone run down the hallway into my bedroom. I go into my room with my mom, and there is no one in there. She says to this day that it was a person, not our dog or cat.

I'm in 9th grade because I have an Eidetic memory, so I would remember if I did any of this stuff. This is all very real, and I'm starting to get really scared.


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