Scratches on the Wall

This story is in the same town as ( The visitor in my Room )( The Goon we called it, A small out of the way town with A lot of Secrets ).

To start with ( I STATE, WE WERE SO VERY LUCKY ).

When I was in about grade 4-5 I went to a friends place after school to catch up, 

His parents weren't home from work at the time, But we were trusted kids and it was a small town everyone knows everyone.

There was about 6 or 7 of us there at the time.

We sat and watched the TV for about an hour or so, I can't remember what was on at the time,

Then one of the girls got a little bag of cut out letters and numbers with YES and NO pieces as well out of here school bag, 

She said " Let's have a Seance ". 

My friends house had had some weird stuff happen in it already,

So everyone, Except ME, Said "Yes let's do it". 

I had already had past experiences before this and I knew it wasn't a game to just play, I was called chicken and more but I still said " NO ".

I sat on the couch and watched instead. 

So they sat around the table in the lounge room, Set up the letters and numbers in a circle put YES and NO too each side in the middle, 

Put A glass in the center and put their pinky fingers on it.

The girl that had started all this started to say " Is anyone here with us, Can you hear ME give us a sign".

Nothing happened for the first three or so calls from her, Then My friend that live there said 

" Show us your here I KNOW you can hear me ANSWER ME ".

At that point the glass slowly move to the YES, 

Everyone looked at each other and started to say you did that, No you did it and so on, 

Until the glass moved again,

Across the table it went, Then it stopped at the, 

( NO ),

Then to the, 

( I ), 

( D ), 

( I ), 

( D ).

I was watching the glass, I KNOW from past experience, 

When someone pushes the glass faking a response, It twists as it moves along, 

The glass was moving smoothly to each place it went.

Everyone went white, Including ME. 

My friend that lived there was the only person IT would Answer a question from they work out, 

After others tried asking things aswell, 

So he asked,

" Who are you, What's your name " NO response, " Tell me who you are ". 

At that point inside the glass Changed it looked like you were looking a long way on a hot day, sort of blurry,

One of the other girls said " Has the glass just gotten warm? ". 

From there looks I could tell the answer was YES.

My friend said again " Who are you, What's your name ". 

The glass started to move again, 

( P ) 

( A ) 

( I ) 

( N ) 

We all crapped at that point, My friend said " Are you in Pain? ".

The glass moved again,

( B )

( U ) 

( R ) 

( N ) 

( I ) 

( N ) 

( G ) 

That just freaked everyone out. ( Remember we were all Primary school kids ).

My friend said " Give us A Sign, Prove you're here with us ".

After he said those words, The haziness in the glass cleared, The room got a chill in it,

Then we all heard Scratching on the wall in the hallway and smelt smoke.

That was it, We all jumped up and everyone run out of the house.

We all stayed outside talking about it for about an hour until we got the courage to go back in. 

When we went back inside we could still smell the smoke lingering.

We all went into the hallway where we had heard the scratching coming from, 

There was scratch marks on the wall with singe marks around the edges, 

On the floor was a meter long piece of the new wall paper my friends Dad had put up the week before,

It had scorch marks all over it, We all crapped ourselves again, 

( As you can imagine ).

We got an older friends help to fix the wall paper before my friends perance got home.

They NEVER had a Seance there again, Or anywhere else, 

The girl that started it, Burned the letters and numbers, and said " SORRY " so many time we all got tired of hearing it.

After that day my friend said he could still smell smoke every now and again in the hallway, 

So could his family that lived there.

We NEVER told anyone about it. 

This is a true account as well as I can remember it, It is one of the more gripping memories I have of that time of my youth.

( MY ADVICE ) - To all you people out there that THINK, 

Having A Seance, Using Spirit Boards, and other Items that help contact the other side are, 

A Game to play. 


If something is brought over from the other side, YOU may find IT wants to stay.

GOOD LUCK getting rid of IT then, It may be YOU or someone YOU care about that suffers for it, 

Or the next pore person that moves in that has NO knowledge of your past actions, 


Stay safe Everyone, All the best for the future.

Story creditE V, Victoria.


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