Before I begin I'll like to mention a little bit about my room and it's my first experience of this kind (but not my first paranormal experience). It was built as an extension of the house. It connects to the kitchen area but is divided by double doors. It has many windows covered by dark red curtains and is located in the back of the house.
There's a door that leads to a porch and stairs. Another thing, I have trouble sleeping. Sometime in September and November 2014, typically around 2-5 am I would see small orbs of light here and there. I would try to find some logic behind it first. But it's difficult to dismiss these lights seeing how it's nearly impossible for any outside light to come through with the curtains I have. 
Every now and then I would hear tap(s) on the windows, but I try to brush it off and keep my cool. Then one night while I was awake laying on my bed, I closed my eyes for a few seconds and for that time being this image is played in my head. It was like seeing through someone's or something's vision. I guess remote viewing would be the closest thing to describe it.
I could see myself laying down on my bed from across the room. And there by the doors that connects to the kitchen was a shadow-person watching me. I know it definitely wasn't a dream. And since I can draw very detailed, I did and showed my parents and others. A lot of sightings and voices have been heard throughout the property.
Including women talking outside the restroom, usually late at night or when it's just me at the house. And like I've said, I try debunking them first before making a note of them. If anyone has any information to give me, it will be greatly appreciated. It's creepy but in a way I do like these experiences. Another thing, my sister had seen a shadow man in my room in a previous house about 8-9 years ago.
Story Credit: Daniel | Georgia.

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